The number one reason why a student bills sharing facility will work for you and your housemates is that you will avoid the dreaded ‘house meeting’ over the non-payment of utility bills.

For those who have not had to take part in a showdown over the non-payment or even late paying of the utility bills in a student property, that’s the gas, electricity and water then this can be a toe-curling and memorable meeting where sometimes harsh words can be exchanged and tears can flow – and that’s just the guys.

It doesn’t have to be this way when you can access a service to split the bills equally between everyone in the house and pay one payment every month to cover them. This means there is a lot less drama and each person only has to pay their share, easy!

You pick the services

The second reason why a student bills sharing facility will work for everybody in your shared home is that you get to pick the services that you need. Whether that’s for the gas and electricity or the water, you will also need to pay the TV licence and you almost definitely will need a quality broadband connection.

So, along with picking one or all of the utilities, it also means that by using the services of Glide there’s no need for the creation of a joint account and for everyone to pay into it every month. This means that the responsibility is shared equally because Glide takes care of that side of things, and there’s no need to chase your housemates for the cash or have someone responsible for ensuring everyone coughs up the money on time. It’s unfair to have someone responsible for spreadsheets and leaving snarky notes on the fridge door, though, to be fair, most shared student homes will have someone who is more than happy to take that responsibility on board.

The broadband connection

We mentioned the broadband connection and there are lots of student broadband deals available so you may be tempted to go elsewhere for what appears to be a better offering. That’s okay, you’re free to do so but be aware that not all student broadband deals are what they appear to be.

You need to be cautious if you need to sign up for a year as you will probably not be living in a property for 12 months and you will need unlimited download data allowances so everyone can access the internet whenever they need to.

A bill splitting service for shared houses

Essentially, the third reason why a bill splitting service for shared house bills will suit you and your housemates is that once you’ve picked the services you require, including broadband, then you simply sign up with a few details and choose when you would like the services to start.

This then brings us to the tricky part of moving into a shared student property and arranging for the utilities to be changed over to your names from the previous tenants. When signing up with Glide, they will have the services set up and ready for when you move in.

This is a good point to take a note of the meter readings so you only pay for the gas and electricity you use from the day you all move into your shared property. It may not appear to be too important for a busy student who is keen to start gaming or accessing social media on their new broadband installation, but it will be important when you realise that you have to pay for gas and electricity that the previous tenants used.

Thinking of using a bill splitting service

Reason number four for those who are thinking of using a bill splitting service is that you only need to use one company for all of your utility and broadband needs. This means you don’t have to contact the utility providers separately or juggle lots of bills or constantly use your phone’s calculator to work out who owes what and then chase people for payment.

Make your student life easier

Let’s be honest, your time at university is meant to be a fun experience that generates lots of great memories and friendships that will last for years to come. So it makes sense that students should make their life easier by accessing a student bills sharing service, such as the one offered by Glide, to ensure that they focus on the important things of student life; studying and socialising rather than arranging the utilities, making separate payments and chasing housemates for their share of the cash. Call Glide now to make your student life easier.