Unfortunately, not all properties have bills included, it can be a nightmare setting up each individual supplier and dealing with several payment dates. Let’s go through the must “do’s” when first moving into your property.

First things first…

Before you’ve moved into your place, the property will already have a supply of gas and electricity. That’s why you will be able to flick the lights on or turn on the gas cooker!

If you do not have bills inclusive you must find out who your gas and electricity suppliers are. Once you’ve found out who the energy supplier is, then you will have to decide whether you should switch. It’s always good to look around at your options, although this can be a very tedious task. Alternatively, contact Glide. We will set up all the utilities and set them up for you into a one easy bill a month.

Looking at your usage…

To keep up to date with how much energy you are using, locate your meter, write down the readings then send them over as soon as you can. Keeping on track of your meter readings will lead to a more accurate, and usually cheaper bill. So, grab a pen and paper and get looking. For tips on meter locations check out this handy video here.

Share bills

An easier way to sort your bills at Uni is using bills inclusive, you have enough on your hands studying to have to deal with several utilities and organising different payment dates. Its stress you don’t need. Also, it will also get rid of those nagging arguments in the house about chasing money for missing bills.

Let Glide take away that headache so you can concentrate on your best Uni life and not worry about bills. 

To find out more about Glide and how we take away the headache of bill splitting. Visit glide.co.uk