Exam season is here. So, lets go through some top tips to consider when leading up to your first exam. 

Catch up on your Zzz’s

Making sure you have a good sleep pattern at Uni is essential. Well… that’s easier said than done. Cramming in lectures, a social life and late-night study sessions will make it tough to get a proper night’s sleep. Being brain-dead for your exam is a no-no. So, organise your time wisely and get an early night. A lack of sleep disrupts concentration and memory loss; two things vital for exam day!

Plan your last-minute revision wisely

Time’s running out so whatever you need to get into your head, make sure it’s worth it. Go over old notes and pinpoint the important bits of information.  But don’t go and cram in too much information you’ll end up overloading your head.

Get some exercise

15 minutes of exercise gets your blood pumping around your body and more importantly pumping to your brain. Aerobic exercise is said to improve memory and your thinking ability. A good idea to do is record your notes and listen to them as you run on the treadmill. Get your body moving and your mind will follow.

Drink plenty of water

Keep hydrated during your exam, studies have shown that dehydration leads to a decrease in concentration. Keeping hydrated has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress so, probably for the best.

Brain food, not junk food

Leading up the exam, cut out the junk food and change your diet to brain foods. Fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli, peanuts and coffee. Junk food will lead you to be feeling sluggish as they don’t have long lasting health benefits. Whereas health foods mentioned above will approve brain function and give you more energy during the exam.

Keep calm and relax

You got this! Okay, so you’ve done your best cramming in mountains of revision for your exam and thinking is it enough? Take a deep breath and relax. Working yourself up and stressing won’t do you any favours.


Keep calm. Keep motivated. You got this! Good luck for your exam.