University life goes by ridiculously fast. One minute you’re stood in line at Freshers’ Week putting your name down for the society you end up living your best life with, the next it’s time to think about moving back into your parent’s house.

There’s still time to spend with your friends but as the time ticks by it’s important to tidy up the last three or four years and then prepare to take the first steps into a new adult life.

It’s always tempting to leave things until the last minute but being prepared will make your final days pass without the stress of having to pack and say your good byes.

This is the Glide guide to help you leave your university days behind you and enter the next stage of your life.

Cleaning. Hideous but necessary.

Avoid wasting time on Netflix even if you do want to get your money’s worth of your student broadband deals before it ends. It really is a temptation to spend more time online now there are no essays due or exams to prepare for.

While the Glide student broadband offering is a great, you really should make a move to follow our tips and not be distracted by Skype, online gaming and movie streaming – it’s hard (we know!) but you will need to do it.

Also, forgive us for assuming but we bet your student house is in a pretty grim state right now. Scrubbing the bathroom will never have been much of a priority but during dissertation and exam season the need won’t even have registered beyond the occasional shudder at the weird green stuff in the corner of the bath.

Clean, dust, hoover, scrape and scrub so your landlord and your wallet will be grateful when you get the rent deposit back. It really is worth the effort in cleaning properly – a landlord may bring in professional cleaners to do the job after you leave and guess what? You’ll be paying from the deposit!

Sort out your bills and rent.

If your house has been sharing the tenants’ utility bills with Glide the majority of your bills will be fully paid up and you may even be due a small refund for over payment – a nice bit of beer money for your holiday!

If Glide haven’t been handling all of your bills then there might be some faffing to sort it all out. Make a list of what each of you owe and to who and then start ringing each utility company in turn. Trying to sort out a utility bill UK when you are leaving university can be a pain to sort. Again it needs to be done and it shouldn’t be down to just one of the housemates – it’s a chore and a responsibility that everyone will need to step up to the plate to resolve.

Not dealing with this properly could see the utility company that is owed money chasing you for the outstanding amount – no matter how small it is. When you sign up with Glide your bills are worked out at the start of the year so there should be surprise amounts to pay when you leave.

Update your CV

The point of Uni was presumably to get a job? If a gap year isn’t on the to do list then it’s a good time to have a look at your CV. Think about the things you have achieved while studying. Obviously a degree is the big prize but being president of a club, volunteering or fund-raising will all look good on a sparse CV.

Return books and equipment

The library and school of study need back those books you swore you took back but just found under your bed. One of them might be the key to a fresher’s first essay.

Organise meet ups

Make sure to get the contact details of your favourite people. Was your tutor seriously inspirational? Will you miss the girl who shared your love for the library table near the window? Speak out before you leave or the chance of a lifelong connection and friendship will be lost.

Take a last look

Do the things that you’ve been ‘getting round to’ – go to the cute little coffee shop you always thought was ‘too posh’ for a student. Have one (or two, or three!) last nights at £1 a pint in the Union. Take a last walk round the beautiful library building you’ve never had time to appreciate. University days are special so make sure you soak up every last bit of them.