Having to choose and then set up the gas and electricity suppliers in a shared student house can be like walking in a minefield, but there’s a tip that’s worth considering when you’re on the hunt for utility bill providers.

You simply contact Glide who can arrange for the utilities to be connected on the day you move in and they’ll bill all housemates individually every month. Simple!

However, there are still some tips that students looking to save on their bills should know;

  • Take a record of the meter readings as soon as you move in, it might be best to take a photo of the digits or dials. By doing this, you will not be paying for the previous tenants’ energy bills. That’s going to leave a bad taste when that bill lands.
  • If you don’t use a bill splitting service, you should look to fix your electricity and gas prices for the coming year, rather than opting for the provider’s variable tariff. Under this tariff, if prices increase, so will your bills.
  • Opt for a dual fuel tariff, which means having your gas and electricity provided from the same supplier.

A shared home that comes with inclusive bills

There’s no doubt that many students are increasingly opting to sign up for a shared house that comes with inclusive bills, so the electricity and gas bills are included with the rent. Who doesn’t want an easy life?

This makes budgeting so much easier and helps avoid those showdown house meetings when someone tries to get the bills sorted out and the late-payers to cough up their share of the cash. Awkward.

Students moving into their first shared property

The alternative for students who are moving into their first shared property can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting time and a step into proper adulthood. Previously, parents would have taken care of utilities and suchlike but along with buying teabags and toilet rolls, it’s one of the most important things to look after in a shared house.

The gas bill, along with the electricity, TV licence and water can be incorporated into a student bills package with Glide calculating how much the bill is likely to be and then taking a direct debit payment every month.

Should you use less than what you paid for, then you’ll get a refund at the end of your tenancy!

Students will need a quality broadband connection

One issue is that most students will need a quality broadband connection and let’s face it, it’s normally more of a priority than the utilities and there is a wide range of student broadband deals to take a close look at.

When it comes to student broadband choices, then you need to compare deals on the price and the download speeds and also the data allowances. But don’t be taking in by the fabulous prices – these may be for the first year with the second year costing much, much more. That’s a particularly bad deal if you are not staying in your student property for that long. Most students will live in their property for nine or 10 months so bear this fact in mind when signing up.

Some broadband offers for students will include a phone, so you can call Mum and tell her how well you are doing at your studies and these deals may have a digital TV offering as well. That’s a great idea if you fancy a night in with your housemates watching sport or films.

Or you could have a Netflix binge evening with your housemates, taking it in turns to cook up a meal for everyone, but you will still need a decent broadband connection with fast speeds to enjoy the Netflix without the pain of a buffer.

Checking out student broadband deals

When checking out student broadband deals, consider these points:

  • How many people will be in the house to share the broadband connection?
  • Consider how long the broadband contract needs to be.
  • How fast should the download speed be to enjoy a good service?
  • Do you really need a digital TV and home phone bundle, which cost more?
  • Does the broadband connection need a separate telephone line rental?

Confused? Then there’s no need to be when there’s a friendly team of experts available to discuss your options when signing up for a broadband deal that will meet your needs at Glide. There’s also a helpful customer service offering available around the clock should you be needing to submit your thesis at the last minute, but there’s no internet connection and you need someone to fix it. That’s a great drama to avoid!

Looking for student utility providers

If you are looking for student utility providers and an easy way of arranging their connection plus the broadband – then the best trick available to do all of this is to contact Glide and discuss their offering as soon as possible.

Written by Kristine Clemen