It’s an exciting time moving into your new pad. Having your own space and meeting new mates. Here’s a few tips on how to make moving in to your new pad a breeze.

Make your place your own

First off, make your house more you, take all the things that make you feel at home. Posters, candles, framed pictures and the odd fluffy toy if that’s your bag. Then decorate until you’ve got your place looking nice. Coming back to this spot every night you want to feel comfortable and to feel it’s a cool place to hang out in.

Don’t bring everything with you

Yes, it’s important to make your pad more homely but let’s not go overboard. Sort through your clothes and be ruthless with what you’re going to leave behind. Don’t bring an iron with you, it weighs a tonne! So do old books and notes as most of the information will now be irrelevant. Lastly, don’t go crazy with stationary after all at freshers’ fairs, you’ll be able to stock up on USB sticks, post-its, pens and pads. And for free!

Be good to your neighbour!

Sharing a place and meeting new people can be difficult. But remember, they are going through the same hardships as you! Make time for your housemates to build a better relationship with them as you’re their to share memories of your best Uni life together!

Don’t forget the bills

Moving into a property and sharing space can lead to tricky situations. I mean, it’s always going to be a tough mission to keep people away from your food in the fridge. Let’s not make bills difficult though. Glide offer bill splitting for you and your housemates.