Clean up after yourself

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about student houses being complete dives. But we know it’s not always the case! Taking care of your property and keeping up to date with a cleaning rota is an essential adult skill, so it’s good to start early. Make sure everyone, including yourself, does their bit in keeping the house in top shape. Nothing beats coming home to tidy place where you and your mates can chill.

Be mates and housemates

You’re living with them so make an effort! Invite them out for cinema or a gig. Or if you’re a bit tight of cash then make time to cook a dinner or have a little gathering. Make the most of the times you have together.

Keep it down!

Don’t be a noisy neighbour blasting out tunes at 3 in the morning. Even if you have a late lecture the next day, your housemates might have an early start. If you want to invite a few of your mates around, then check in with your housemates first.

Eat your own food

It’s going to be tempting to snaffle some food when you get home after forgetting you haven’t been shopping in a week. But avoid that temptation! Imagine if you’d been waiting to get home to scoff on some treats all day only to find that someone’s got to them first!

Share bills Avoid arguments

Bills are stressful, lets face it. Having to deal with a multitude of utility suppliers, setting them up, then chasing your housemates for rent is stressful. Keep your pad a happy home and share the bills using a bill splitting service, it’ll make shared life so much easier.

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