Eat, Sleep, Revise, Repeat. Sounds familiar right?

Preparing for your exams can seem like a never ending cycle sometimes, but its the final push that will get you the results you’ve worked hard for!

Revise the right way

Cramming is a major no no and those energy drinks can do more damage than you think! Exam prep doesn’t have to be complicated, following a few simple steps can help you to stay on track and retain all of that knowledge you’ve soaked up.

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Prep & Get Organised

Sounds obvious, we know. Organising your schedule will save your time and energy and also show you how much free space you have to breathe!

Revision season doesn’t have to be a recurring nightmare filled with dread and fear, you can still live your best life if you prepare wisely!

  • Create a Revision timetable (check out this free template from The Student Room)
  • Clear workspace = clear mind!
  • Get into a habit of detoxing digitally – no more distractions and endless scrolling
  • Breakdown study topics into smaller chunks
  • Set realistic goals to avoid burning out
  • TAKE REGULAR BREAKS – your mind and body will need it!
  • Shrink those notes, do you really need ALL of that info?

Everyone has a preferred way of learning so be sure to do what works for you, you’ve got this!


Protect your Energy

Your Energy > Energy Drinks. Yes, we said it!

Although a caffeine fix is a saviour at 2am when you’ve only written 30 of 3000 words, it acts as a temporary energy boost which if abused, can leave you feeling worse off and drained.

Let’s be real, your mind works the hardest when revising and your body can become stubborn and sway you towards a cheeky nap or even worse, procrastination! Setting a regular routine so that your mind and body are not neglected when your focus turns to revising and prepping for your exams.

  • Water is your friend! Drinking 2 litres of it daily can improve your focus and memory
  • Don’t skip out on the sleep! You wouldn’t expect your phone to work without being charged fully right?
  • Create the ultimate study playlist – Good tunes = Good vibes!
  • Oxygen is life – literally! Get in a healthy dose of fresh air in daily to feel refreshed
  • Plan your meals – It’s so easy to press the confirm order? button on your trusty takeaway app, prep healthier alternatives will save you from feeling fatigued (and money too! £££)
  • Believe and achieve! All of your efforts will be worth it, keep going and believe in yourself, we do!

Pause, exhale and get ready to ace it!

Once you have created your personalised plan, all you’ve got to do it stick to it. Good luck dear Student, you’re gonna soar!

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