Has that bottomless brunch sent your head spinning? Did day drinks with your mates get a little wild? It’s no secret that the day after the night before can be painful to get through! Save the slump with these ultimate hangover cures…

Hangover cure

1. The Ultimate Hangover Cure = Don’t Drink!

Not what you wanted to hear right? If it wasn’t obvious already, not drinking is the best way to avoid a hangover! You don’t always have to reach for the spirits to have a good time and there are so many great alternatives available! Why not host a mocktail masterclass and see how many alcohol – free drinks you can create?

2. Meet your new best friend = H20

H Y D R A T E.

Our bodies are usually stripped of the good stuff when we get on the sesh and its super important to top our levels back up to avoid feeling groggy! Keep a litre bottle handy and sip throughout the day to replenish and recharge.

Rahual’s Top Tip: Rehydration Sachets are an awesome way of boosting your water levels and avoiding that dry mouth feeling! You can also get flavoured versions of the sachets which make downing those 8 glasses much easier!

3. Emergency Landing – What to do before crashing out

Footwear kicked off, keys thrown on the floor and takeaway ordered, stumbling towards your bed is the ultimate goal after drinks – but wait! A couple of extra steps and supplements added could save you from a monster migraine the next day!

  1. Red Ginseng – Proven to reduce alcohol levels in your blood (hangover heaven!)
  2. Ginger Root – A natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory – Grab one of these ginger shots to revitalise.
  3. Vitamin C – Effervescent tablets are a must when it comes to the ultimate hangover cures *Insert Berocca fizz sound*
  4. Paracetamol – Pop a couple of these before bed to ease the throbbing and room spins!

We don’t advise taking them all at once! Doing what works for you and your body is super important. Be sure to seek medical advice if needed!

Tara’s Top Tip: Painkillers are a great quick fix but don’t forget to follow up with plenty of fluids! #hangoverhacks

4. Catch those Zzz’s

Sleep is life. Literally, we need it to survive!

Be sure to squeeze in at least 8 hours of rest after your heavy session as your body will need time to recharge, just like your phone battery! It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and guilty simultaneously as the pain is usually self inflicted when it comes to hangovers! Be sure to look after yourself and take things a little easier the next day.

Charlotte’s Top Tip: A Netflix marathon is my hangover go-to, pick a feel good movie to boost your dopamine levels!

5. Hair of the Dog?

We know, “you’ll never drink again” but sometimes all you need to beat the blues the next day is – another drink! A cheeky Blood Mary wish a splash of hot sauce can do wonders. Try not to order a tray of tequila though or you’ll find yourself back at the top of this page again…

6. Drink Responsibly

You’ve probably heard this a million times over but it’s a no brainer! Prevention is better than cure so don’t overdo it, enjoy the good times and save yourself from those dreaded hangover because – who needs them!

Check out this unit calculator to get the scoop on how much you’re drinking.

The Ultimate Hangover Cures