Energy usage within shared accommodation can be tricky to gauge, with many factors involved dependant on the type of property. We’ve shared some industry knowledge which can help cut costs and help your tenants to live more sustainably and become energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency

Making the switch to transforming your rental properties to energy efficient habitats has never been more important. Making changes and updating accommodation with eco solutions can not only save costs but also help you to play your part in the conservation of our planet.

Luckily for landlords, there are a few quick wins when it comes to going green and they won’t blow the budget either! Students will benefit from the cost effective solutions and also gain insight for future reference. Our top picks for an easy eco – switch are;

  • Installation of energy efficient bulbs
  • LED powered appliances
  • Programmable/interactive thermostats
  • Effective insulation
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Installation of Smart Meters
  • Boiler maintenance/checks
energy efficient

Temperature Control

Cold winters can be a major bug bear when it comes to utility costs. Ensuring your properties are sufficiently insulated will eliminate possible over usage and allow student tenants to heat up their accommodation effectively and sustainably.

Aside from appropriate insulation, there are a few ways in which you can be energy efficient when controlling the temperature in your rental properties.

  • Seal windows and doors to eliminate drafts
  • Check insulation behind switches and outlets
  • Install black out blinds/curtains to conserve heat
  • Check and service radiators

💡Eco Tip: A visible thermostat and usage monitor will allow your tenants to actively see how much they are using and stay in control throughout the colder months.

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Prepare your Property

Getting your property student-ready is key to a successful relationship with your tenants which can lead to renewed contracts and recommendations. We recommend being transparent with your tenants, providing them with key information they need to run and maintain your property to a high standard.

If you don’t already have a notice board within your rental property, it’s definitely something worth adding to your list. This will aid as a great tool for sharing information, protocol and advice to your tenants in your absence.

Some useful content to share includes;

  • Emergency contact details
  • Fire safety instructions
  • Energy saving advice
  • House rules

Making the Eco switch

Actively working on reducing energy costs will benefit yourself and your tenants. Upgrading and renovating regularly will save you from dealing with any nasty surprises at the end of tenancies and keep the accommodation ready for the next batch of students.

Every small step towards going green makes a big difference collectively!

#saveourplanet 🌎