Eat, Study, Rest, Repeat. It’s no secret that student life means later nights and whether they are spent in the library or in the rave, cutting down your rest time will eventually take it’s toll! We’ve scoured the net for all of the best kept secrets for getting a good night’s sleep…


Sleep Schedule

No, were not asking you to create a timetable for your sleep times (although that would probably help!).

Keeping a regular sleep pattern and routine is a quick fix for ensuring you get a plenty of rest in between your days, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed. We advise giving yourself a 2 hour window around a fixed time you intend on heading to bed each evening. This is likely to fluctuate with uni deadlines and those cheeky last min nights out, but having one will allow you to catch up on sleep when needed.

Food for thought

Bedtime snacks are a guilty pleasure for most but aside from the annoyance of biscuit crumbs between the sheets, eating before bed is a big no no! Experts advise that eating within 3 hours of going to bed can cause discomfort, raised energy levels and indigestion! Try to time your meals so that you have enough time for any post dinner cravings well before getting some rest.


Bed is Bae

Ever stayed in a hotel and thought, na, not happening? You sleep environment makes a huge difference to how comfortable and well rested you will feel. We’ve made an easy checklist to run through which is guaranteed to make you want to Zzz for longer!

  • Refresh your bedding! Not only are new sheets hygienic, they are so much nicer to sleep in.
  • Mood lighting – If you don’t have a lamp, get one! LED strips are a fun way to add low lighting to any space too.
  • Scents & Smells – Diffusers, incense and candles are a lush way to mellow down with healing aromas (don’t forget to blow them out before sleeping!)
  • Total Blackout – Blinds/curtains that block out the light are a students best friend. Get yourself these or grab an eye mask if it’s easier!

💡 Glider tip: Use a pillow mist/spray to calm your senses before bed, lavender works really well!


White Noise

Sounds can be a big factor when trying to get enough rest. Pop on a soothing playlist or some white noise which can help you to drift off peacefully. Meditating before bed can also help your mind to ease, allowing you to snooze until your hearts content! Here are some of the most popular and effective sleep sounds;

  • Ocean Waves
  • White Noise
  • Storms & Thunder
  • Rain
  • Classical Music
  • Binaural Beats

Finding out what works for you and trialling is will help you understand which sounds sooth your mind. There are even some awesome apps out there that have a library to choose from!


Screen Time

Swap your devices for books before bed! Too much exposure to our beloved gadgets can cause irritability and eye strain, leading to the dreaded dun dun dun – Insomnia! Dust off those books you have been meaning to read and allow yourself to ease into the night, leading to peaceful rest bliss!

Catching Zzz’s

It’s not really too difficult to get a good night’s sleep, simply tune into your mind and body and allow yourself time and space to drift into dreamland! #selfcare