Ever felt that crippling guilt when your groceries start to decompose and you never got to make that recipe as planned? Same. Not only is food waste bad for your bank account, our planet is under huge pressure with the amount of produce wasted everyday.

Making small changes to how you shop, cook and store food can have an awesome collective impact and help us live sustainably.

food waste

Strategic Shopping

Walking down the supermarket isles can be deadly AF, with shiny offers and signs screaming buy me on each corner, it’s no wonder why the UK throws away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in a single year! When shopping, a little prep goes a long way. This checklist will help you to waste less and stick to your budget when getting those groceries;

  • Make a meal plan & shopping list
  • Choose misshapen/ugly fruit and veg as they taste the same and are cheaper!
  • Opt for supermarket own brands when possible
  • Check expiry dates on fresh produce
  • Shop locally and organically
  • Reuse your bags!

It’s easy to pop to your local shop as and when you need to but over time, the cost racks up. Becoming a sustainable student when shopping isn’t as hard as it seems and will have you living your best eco friendly life in no time!

food waste

Chef Life

Pressing ‘confirm order’ is super satisfying but a bummer for you bank account!

Taking the plunge to dust off those pots and pans and get busy in the kitchen is well worth it. Making delicious recipes doesn’t have to be stressful, and with so many options available, you can get creative with it too! These TikTok recipes are super easy and quick to make.

When storing your produce, check the shelf life and put away accordingly so you minimise food waste and make the most out of what you’ve paid for. Meal prep is the best way to use up all of your ingredients, spend less time in the kitchen and guarantee yummy meals for the whole week! Making the eco friendly food switch and going meat free has proven to help reduce emissions and our global impact on the planet.

💡Pro tip: Your leftovers can also be given a new life with a little spruce up and addition of new ingredients!

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Share the Grub

Eating together is a wholesome vibe! If that pot of pasta you’ve made has risen beautifully, why not share the love with your housemates?

Sharing food is a quick win when it comes to reducing food waste at University, plus your housemates will soon return the favour meaning less cooking days for you! Rumour has it that some student houses have even got a cooking rota which shares the load and let’s everyone get in on the action.

Batch cooking is bae as any extra ingredients can be stored in the freezer for future use.

food waste

Every little bit counts

Reducing your food waste at Uni is not rocket science, making small changes, maintaining them and keeping it consistent will have you making a difference in no time at all.

We are all responsible for the impact we have on the planet, so be sure to play your part too! 🌎

food waste