With life being all eat, sleep, revise, repeat until term ends, planning in a final shindig before moving out of your uni pad is a MUST! These summer party ideas are guaranteed good vibes and will bag you the title of CEO of Summer!

summer party

Summer Party Essentials

Pulling off a party to remember doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pockets, make do with what is available to you, invite good company and let the vibes flow. Keeping it simple will save you from stressing, this basic checklist will cover all bases;

  • Guestlist – It’s good to know who is coming so you can plan with ease
  • Venue – Where are you hosting your shindig?
  • Theme – Planning your event around a theme adds to the fun
  • Food/Drinks – Are your providing or asking your guests to supply their own?
  • Entertainment – Music/Activities/Games
  • Clear Up Squad – Decide on who is helping you out the day after the night before!

The Great Outdoors

Sometimes the space in your student house just won’t cut it for an epic summer party. Taking the fun outdoors will save you from running around making sure your guests aren’t the reason you lose your security deposit!

If you’re uni pad has outdoor space which is available to use, then great! These alternatives can be an awesome base for your party;

  • Nature Park
  • Field
  • Woods
  • Lakeside

💡 If you choose to party in nature, be sure to check what you can and cannot do in the space beforehand and get any permissions if necessary.

summer party

Bring Your Own

Let’s face it, you’d rather be spending money on your graduation outfit than making sure your uni mates are fed and watered right?

The easiest way to stick to a budget when planning your summer party is by asking your guest to bring their own drinks and snacks! We recommend getting in some soft drinks/mixers, ice and maybe some nibbles for guest to graze on (supermarket own brands are ACE for these!)

💡 Get a group chat up and running so that your attendees don’t all bring the same drinks if they don’t mind sharing!

Theme It

A cheeky theme can be the highlight of your bash and make it one to remember! The golden rule is to think of what the majority will be able to execute without forking out for spenny costumes. These are our top picks for the ultimate themed summer party;

  1. Toga Night – Thanks to our friends from across the pond, this classic is super easy to pull off and your guests will love it! Get creative with bedsheets and leaves to create the ultimate greek fantasy!
  2. Pizza Party – Two words that are guaranteed to keep everyone happy! Go one step further by asking your guests to bring toppings and create their own (as long as you have enough oven space). This usually works best for smaller groups, perfect for a last supper with your housemates.
  3. Festival Vibes – If you manage to find the perfect outdoor spot, this is the theme for you! Grab a portable speaker, a bucket for your drinks, pitch a tent and you’re good to go.

The sky is your limit when it comes to picking a theme, so have fun with it!

summer party


Is it even a party without games? Along with your tried and tested favourites, these activities are a must have at your bash…

Beer Pong – I mean, do we really need to explain the rules for this one? Ping pong balls, plastic cups and beer and a flat surface to set it all out on!

Cookie Monster – You’ll need a pack of flat round biscuits (digestives will do!) and a chair. Each player puts their hand behind their backs whilst sitting on the chair and places a biscuit on their forehead. The aim of the game is to move the biscuit down their faces into their mouth by pulling weird and wonderful facial expressions!

Ring of Fire – You’ll need a pack of cards & drinks for this one, the rules are pretty straightforward!

summer party

Live in the Moment

Finishing off your term by celebrating your hard work is priceless so take pics of EVERYTHING and cherish the moment! Have fun in the process of planning your party, you deserve it!