SAY IT LOUDER for the students at the back! Self care is essential for improving your wellbeing at uni and should be part of your routine.

Here are some quick wins when it comes to checking in on yourself and practicing ✨Self Care✨

Connect with yourself

A digital detox is a super effective way to improve your wellbeing, which may be ironic as you’re most likely reading this on a piece of tech right now!

We understand that devices make up a big part of how we work, study and socialise, so ditching them completely can be difficult. Staying in control of your usage, screen time and how often you really need to be checking your phone is key.

? Plan in downtime to suit your schedule and put your devices away if it helps. Swap scrolling for a stroll instead! Connect with your mind and focus on the present moment (you’ll feel great for it, trust us!)

self care

Get Active

Physical activity is proven to instantly boost your mood, as well as just being good for the mind and body too! When you feel as though uni work is getting too much, break up your schedule with some exercise to release any pent up energy and mind blocks.

? Choosing a physical activity that you enjoy is the best way to add this to your routine with ease. Whether its swimming, badminton or just hitting the gym, do what sparks joy and stick to it to feel the benefits.

self care

Treat Yoself!

I mean, who doesn’t like treats right? Self care comes in many forms and one of them includes treating yourself, whether that means running a bubble bath, slapping on the face masks, splashing out on some retail therapy or even indulging in that dessert that got you drooling!

It may sound strange but planning in treats can help you to smash through your tasks, knowing that their is a reward waiting (pleasing your inner child) and topping up those dopamine levels!

? There are no rules when it comes to self care, focusing on what makes you feel good and happy without compromising your health and wellbeing is the best way to choose what works for you.

self care

Activate Brain Chemicals

Triggering the happy chemicals that your brain naturally produces is great for self care, here’s how to activate them…

Dopamine – The Reward Chemical

  • Yummy Food/Treats
  • Completing Tasks
  • Celebrating Small Wins

Oxytocin – The Love Chemical

  • Play with Pets
  • Big Hugs
  • Paying Compliments

Serotonin – The Mood Chemical

  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Excercise
  • Nature & Sunshine

Endorphin – The Pain Killer

  • Laughing out Loud (and not just typing LOL)
  • Feel good TV/Comedy
  • Dark Chocolate!

Take it Easy

Uni life can be pretty hectic at times. Keeping a positive mental attitude will help you to get through it all and enjoy it too! Knowing that support is always available to you should you need it is also important. You are awesome and will smash through your goals!