1.   A cushion with a beloved quote from Albus Dumbledore

Get it at Literary Literally on Etsy for £19.72 (available in three different sizes)

2.   A magical mug for your coffee to keep you going while studying for your OWLs

Seriously though, how cute is that coffee cup? Get it over on Amazon for £9.50.

3.   A large fleece blanket with the Marauder’s Map on top so you can keep warm all winter

Find it on Amazon for £28.91

4.   Hedwig, because you cannot be a wizard without her.

Nothing better than a soft snowy owl to accompany you on your magical adventures. Pick her up from Amazon.

5.   A coaster to remind your housemates where you’d rather be right now

Also helps prevent any cauldron leaks or spillages. Get it here for £2.99.

6.   A fairy light jar that says ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’

The perfect addition for any student wizard. You can purchase it from Etsy

7.   A Wizard Beer candle strong enough to hide the scent of Polyjuice Potion

And who wouldn’t want their room smelling like butterscotch and marshmallow? Get it here for £18.99.

8.   Hogwarts-themed bedding to make you feel like a true wizard student

Great for falling into after a long day of magic lessons. Get it from Georga @ Asda for £17.

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