Whether you’ve come across the pond or haven’t hopped far, homesickness is something that many students will feel at some point during their time at uni. It can conjure up feelings of embarrassment for some, but it’s totally normal and there are ways to send it packing!

Pack your home comforts

No matter how embarrassing you think it is (your fav cuddly teddy anyone?) bring it along with you. When sickness strikes, you’ll be glad you brought it along.

Stay positive

Easier said than done, we hear you! But it can seriously help. Keep positive by doing the stuff you enjoy, socialising, baking, painting, whatever it is be sure to make time for it.

Get involved

Throwing yourself into uni life will keep your mind busy and those down thoughts at bay. There’s plenty of things you can try out, you can join society’s, clubs and even try a bit of volunteering! Check out your student union for current activities.

Make your surroundings feel like home

Sometimes unfamiliar surroundings can trigger pangs for home, try decorating your room to make it more homely (check out our decorating hacks for some easy tips). It’s also worth familiarising yourself with your new uni town. Go for some walks, even perhaps some sightseeing tours! you’ll start to see it as your second home in no time.

Ask for help

If things are really getting you down, talk to someone about how you’re feeling. It could be family, friends or someone at uni who will be able to offer you advice and support. Never beat yourself up or feel stupid about having these feelings, they are normal!