Moving into a new house when you’re a student can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time. It can also be made that little bit worse when you receive an unexpected bill through the post that you don’t quite understand, from a company that you don’t recognise – and let’s be real, most of the time you’re tempted to throw these out with the rubbish!

We don’t want you to feel like you’re left in the dark with no one to talk to. Therefore, we’ve made a handy how-to guide, tackling our most common customer service queries to make your Glide experience as stress-free as possible.

I’ve just joined Glide, how will I first hear from you?

First and foremost, we want to make sure there are open lines of communication between us and all our customers from day one. At the start of the academic year, once your house has signed up to Glide, look out for an introductory email from one of our friendly team members. Not only will we give you a warm welcome to your new home, this email will tell you a bit more about Glide, our services and how we can help you and your housemates manage the utilities in your new home.

For any other enquiries, our expert support team are on hand via Live Chat, phone or email to answer your questions or assist with any issues – whether you’re an existing customer or simply want to find out more about us.

What do I do if the previous tenants leave us their Glide account?

The most common question we get asked by new tenants is what to do when a previous Glide customer moves out, but leaves their account active on the property.

Tenants moving into a property where the energy is already being provided by Glide will be sent a welcome letter and information booklet in the post. This pack will provide you with the details you need to contact us to confirm the status of your agreement, update your tenancy details, and most importantly, ensure you are billed correctly.

It is important that your utilities remain on during the handover period to keep the house warm, stop pipes from freezing over and of course, to make sure you can power up all your gadgets and gizmos as soon as you move in! The usage during that time is known as an ‘Interim Bill’ that accounts for the water, gas and electricity used to keep your house running in order until the day you move in.

But don’t worry, we take every step to make sure you aren’t out of pocket. So that you aren’t unfairly charged, we ask any new tenants using Glide to send us a meter reading from their tenancy start date. This ensures you are only billed for the amount you have used since moving in.

If you need support or have questions, our team will be able to walk you through the process on that first call, and the welcome pack gives you all the need-to-know information when your property is supplied by Glide. If you think you haven’t received these, then the next step is to contact us through our online chat or give us a call; all you need to do is let us know who you are. Our service is designed to make sure everything is sorted for you as quickly and easily as possible. Then, whilst you weigh up your options, we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure your new home is comfortable and worry-free.

Where do I go if I have a question about my Glide account?

Glide has been helping students with their utility bills for 14 years and our expert team are on hand to support you. But, we also understand that sometimes calls get missed or that you could be bogged down with all your university work. So, if you have a question for our team, you can contact us through either our online chat or even on social media. All questions will make it through to our team who will then respond quickly to answer any questions you have.

Lastly, we know that your utility bills are not the only thing you need to worry about, and you may not have a solid grasp on exactly what you need to check when you move into a new house. So, we’ve compiled a quick ‘move-in checklist’ for all you new tenants. When you first move into your house, go through the list and feel confident that you can take on adult life with just your laptop and a Starbucks coffee!

  • Check your Fire and CO2 alarms are working
  • Take pictures of all your meter readings (Water/ Gas/ Electricity)
  • Double-check for mould in the bathroom and kitchen (and sometimes in cupboards)
  • Make sure you know where your boiler is (and how to adjust the heating!)
  • Check you have the Gas Safety Certificate
  • Take pictures of any damage to the property (save these for when you move out)
  • Unpack your bags!

If you have a question for us about your utility bills, get in touch today or give us a call on 0333 240 9030.