Stats show that around 1 in 4 students suffer from mental wellbeing issues during their time at uni, so take comfort in knowing that you’re really not alone. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult asking for help, even though you know it’s out there. So, where do you look and who can you talk to?

Where to go for help:

Your Uni

Most university’s will have their own free and confidential mental health and counselling services which are readily available for its students. Sometimes there will also be onsite mental health advisors too. You can find out about making appointments through your uni, check their website and look for a section around ‘counselling services’ or give them a bell, they will be more than happy to help.

Your student union

Student unions can offer help through their student advice centres, who will be able to give you advise and point you in the right direction.

Your tutor

If you have a good relationship with your tutor, you may feel comfortable confiding in them. They will be able to help you organise contacts and support you through your work.

Your friends and family

Sometimes what you really need is a good chat with the people closest to you. Never think that you shouldn’t because you don’t want to worry them, they would be devastated to know that you were suffering and were unaware. Family and friends will always want to help and support you no matter what.

Online services

There are many charities out there dedicated to student wellbeing, check out the leading student charity Student Minds. It’s a great place to start for advice, tips and it’s a place to talk to an anonymous trained person if you need to.

6 ways to beat the blues:


One of the best ways to fight off the bad thoughts is to work a sweat up. Even if you really just don’t feel like it, try and do some, we guarantee that you’ll feel better after those feel good endorphins are released!


Sleep is totally underrated. It not only helps you to reset your mind and body but also benefits your ability to focus and improves your creativity!

Eating well

Eating well is essential to maintaining your wellbeing, try to eat as healthy as you can when you feel low. If you do fancy a little treat though, eat some chocolate. Studied for its mood boosting properties, it seems it really can make life a little better! Best. News. Ever.

Set small goals

Setting yourself small manageable goals will help you to feel as though you’ve achieved something and will make you feel useful. It could be something as simple as cleaning your room or making a shopping list.

Ditch social media

Social media can really affect us in a negative way. Make sure you limit your scroll time to the bare minimum. You can even set a screen timer app on your phone.

Do something you love!

Doing something you enjoy will really help you to kick those blues away. It could be listening to some upbeat tunes, cooking, watching your favourite feel good movie or grabbing a coffee with friends.