Revision and how to boss it!

Read our top tips here for how to boss your revision:

Start early

Set your alarm for an early, but reasonable start. We think 9am is a good time to aim for.

Don’t skip the crunchy nut!

Research has found that skipping breakfast can really reduce your attention span and memory throughout the day, so before you dive into your textbooks make sure you fill up on the good stuff!

Choose your spot

Nope not your bed, however comfortable it is, it’s not a good idea trust us! Set up somewhere that you associate with working, at your desk or down the library, you’ll find it easier to focus and get into that study mindset.

Plan, plan, plan!

Before jumping in take some time to make a solid plan of action. Map out topics, books you have (or need to get) lecture notes and other things you’re going to need. Once you’ve got everything down, you can start to plan out your time.

Rule 101

Don’t try and cram it all in and crack it out quickly, spread it out using the little and often mantra – you’ll find it sticks a lot better!

Break it into chunks

If the idea of sitting down for hours on end makes your head spin, split your time into chunks with regular breaks. Set a timer to go off every 30 mins to take a 5 min break for a cuppa or
a few stretches outside.

Step away from the gram!

Phones can be super distracting and there’s too much of a temptation to have a quick scroll on the gram. When studying switch your phone to silent and put it somewhere out of sight (just remember where you’ve put it!).

Get some Z’s

When you start to nod off, don’t fight it. Head to bed and get some much-needed kip. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back to it in the morning. We find drinking water when you first wake up also makes you feel more refreshed.

Josh’s tip:

Check out some old essays, uni libraries will normally have a section where you can get your hands on some top quality (and top marks) inspo!