The most exciting part of moving into your new digs is making your bedroom yours. And good news, it really doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For a few quid you can turn an empty room into a haven worth retreating to at the end of the day.


A really easy way to personalise your room and add a pop of colour! – check out H&M Home for some totally designer looking sets and Primark too.

A rug

Rolling out a rug will make your room feel cosier and can help to keep your room warmer during chilly months. Ikea is a great place to start for a wide range of styles.


Adding a lamp or two to your room will give it a softer, warmer glow than a celling light that can sometimes feel a little harsh. Ikea, Wilkinson’s, H&M Home – all great!


Having pictures of family, friends and good times will help you stay positive during down days and keep you feeling close to them. Ikea and Wilkinson’s do some really cheap, plain, quality frames ready to fill.

Fairy lights

Great for adding that touch of hygge! – Check out Amazon for loadsof different styles.


If you’ve got a smaller room, a mirror will make it look bigger and brighter. Ikea (how we love you) and H&M Home (New fave for us!) have some great designs.

Decoration and trinkets

For the cherry on the top details, add some home trinkets such as curtains, candles, vases, a clock and some storage boxes. Check out H&M Home for a huge range and ASOS too.


Did you know that the colour green is an instant mood booster? Here’s a few easy to look after/hard to kill plants to get you started:

• Cacti
• Aloe Vera
• Succulents
• Spider plants

Molly’s tip:

Check with your landlord first before hanging things on the wall. It might be in the tenancy agreement that making holes in walls is a big no go. But you can use picture hanging strips for an easy no damage option, woohoo! See here.