There’s a useful app for almost everything these days, and they can definitely make student life easier, cheaper and safer. Here’s a look at our 10 favourite apps for students.

Best note keeping app: Evernote

Whether you want to manage an enormous research paper or simply want to keep better track of your lecture notes, Evernote is the go-to for syncing everything across all your devices. It’s free to download and easy to create and organize notes, share notes with others, and search documents for those crucial phrases when it comes to essay time. If you like, you can upload handwritten notes that you can even search later (if your handwriting is not just scribbles, that is!). No more piles of chaotic notes to wade through.

Best bill-sharing app: Glide

If you’re in shared housing and need a clever way to split bills amongst your housemates, we’re here to help you. Lump your broadband, TV licence and other utilities into one and split it fairly, all in one place. It’s a well-known fact that part of the student residential experience is nagging flatmates to pitch in their share, but with our app, there is no confusion, no room for arguments and the monthly bills gets settled easily, with a single monthly payment from everyone.

Best wellbeing app: Moodfit

Being a student, the pressures you face day to day can often feel overwhelming. No student survival kit would be complete without some tools designed to support your psychological wellbeing. Moodfit is an all-round app that helps you gain a better awareness of your emotional state, and set and track goals for yourself. The app offers plenty to combat the stresses of study – breathing exercises, inspirational reminders, guidelines for mindfulness practice, ideas on gratitude, and helpful information on treatment options.

Best food delivery app: Just Eat

Of course, occasionally indulging in a takeaway you’ve been craving all day could be chalked up to self-care! Maybe you’re pulling an all-night study session or maybe you don’t always have time to sort out the cooking yourself. You’ll need a good delivery app you trust for when you and any housemates next get a pizza craving. Just enter your postcode and the app will tell you which of the more than 30,000 restaurants are available in your area. While you can order online, the smartphone app is faster, and you can often access great discounts or personalized recommendations.

Best safety app: bSafe

Though we’re all used to being warned of the dangers of smartphones, thankfully there are also ways to use technology to keep safe. bSafe is a great innovation that will help give any student extra peace of mind. There are several features; you can set up a safety button that alerts chosen guardians whenever you are in danger, sharing your location – you can even activate this feature by voice alone. Live streaming, recording and “fake call” options are also there to protect you in any potentially threatening situations. You have all the control. You can invite your guardians to follow you via GPS until you feel safe, or set this follow feature to a timer. You can also alert your chosen guardians that you’ve arrived safely at a location, so they know you’re alright.

Best app for exam swotting: Chegg

No matter your area of study, chances are you could benefit from the classic study method of using flashcards to prepare you for your exams. Chegg is a free study app that helps you quickly create useful flashcards – no need to get out the cardboard and scissors! Your unique cards can be shuffled according to how well you’ve mastered their content, or can be removed completely. There are fun ways to customize cards with images, or you could explore the library of a whopping 500 million free flashcards.

Best app for hunting out deals: UNiDAYS

As a student, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on your expenditure, whether you’re self-funding or receiving student finance. Fortunately, there are plenty of great discounts and bargains out there, and UNiDAYS can help you find them. It’s fast, easy to use, and free, and packed with hefty discounts on everything from clothing to beauty to gadgets. This smart app will let you pounce on limited time offers and save; give their deals a quick scan before you need to make a purchase and the savings quickly add up.