How To Save Money At Uni



Most people think that being at uni means that you have to struggle financially, deprive yourself of life’s comforts or run up thousands of pounds of student loans every year.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! Learn how to save money at uni and you can cut your expenses, make your money go further and properly enjoy the experience!

Keep reading to discover six tips to help you do exactly that. 

1. Take Full Advantage Of Student Discounts

When you’re a student, you get offered a fantastic range of discounts from shops, travel agents, subscription services and entertainment providers, to name a few. Make full use of them and you’ll make every single penny of your student loan go even further.

The Save the Student website is a great resource worth checking out if you’re looking for cheap deals. Some companies offer their discounts on certain days of the week or for certain purchases so be sure to check the terms and conditions (and remember your student ID!)

If the company doesn't have student discounts advertised, don’t be afraid to ask. You never know your luck!

2. Become A Budget Management Boss

Yes, creating a student budget does sound boring and restrictive but it can actually help your money go further and ensure you don’t have to live on Pot Noodles for the rest of the semester!

Start by checking your income, including your student loan or grants, any money you receive from your parents and any money you get from a part-time job (if you have one). Add it all up and write it down.

Then find out what you’re spending each month. Add up the cost of your rent, utilities, student broadband, food, entertainment, subscriptions, mobile phone, transportation and so on and write the total down too.

Once you’ve done that, subtract your spending from your income. Hopefully, you should still have money left each month that you can use to save, have fun or treat yourself to something special. If not, it’s time to make some changes…

3. Make Use Of Second-hand Textbooks

University textbooks can be expensive and you’re likely to need several of them. If you buy them brand new, they’ll soon eat into your student loan.

But there’s a better way. Instead, get hold of second-hand textbooks then sell them when you’ve finished with them. Great places you can look include eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, your university and even charity shops. Happy hunting!

4. Be Resourceful With Your Utilities

If you’ve never lived away from your parents before, you might be surprised to find out how expensive those student bills can be. The costs of electricity, gas, water, TV licence and broadband can soon add up, especially in today’s financial climate. Here are a few tips:

  • Turn down your thermostat
  • Don’t leave devices charging needlessly
  • Turning equipment off standby
  • Turning lights off when you leave a room
  • Looking for cheaper energy suppliers
  • Consider using an app like Glide so you’re paying your fair share

5. Food Prep Is Your Best Friend

Save yourself money on your grocery bills, reduce waste and enjoy healthier, tastier food by getting organised with food or meal prep.

This means simply planning out your meals for the week, buying your groceries in one shot then batch cooking your meals to help spread the cost.

Another advantage is that you’ll avoid rushing to the supermarket at the last minute, wondering what on earth you’ll eat for dinner AND you’ll save yourself tons of time in the kitchen.

Simply grab a piece of paper, write down what you want to eat for each meal (remembering any snacks, nibbles or drinks too) then use this to create your grocery list. Head to the supermarket, buy what you need then get preparing.

Foods like soups, stews, bean-based dishes, pasta and lasagne work really well as it’s easy to make extra and they keep really well in your fridge or freezer.

6. Consider A Small Side Hustle

When you’re at uni, you’ll need to focus on your studies if you want to achieve your best. But you can also consider getting a part-time job or side hustle that fits around your busy schedule whilst also topping up your funds.

Consider getting a job in a local restaurant, cafe, supermarket or shop or start your own business doing something you love instead. You can start with very little investment and do something you love.

What could you do to bring in some extra cash?

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