Glide makes bills simple for tenants and property businesses. Glide is committed to offering the highest levels of service so you can be assured that we take all customer issues seriously.

This code of practice outlines the support services available to our customers, and more specifically how you can contact Glide when you need to raise a concern.

Glide products and services

Glide offers gas, electricity, water, telephone, broadband and TV licences to tenants and businesses in the UK.

Our obligations

Glide has a number of obligations that are required by UK legislation. These obligations ensure our customers are provided with choice and consumer protection. Glide takes these obligations very seriously, as they ensure that the needs and demands of our customers are met and that we deliver an industry-leading service.

When we provide services to you, we promise to use all the reasonable skill and care of a good provider. Our terms and conditions apply when you use our services and cover the contractual relationship between us.

Repair and maintenance

In order to carry out maintenance (for example for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades), we may need to temporarily suspend your service or parts of the service. Before we do this, we will give you as much notice as possible and promise to restore service as soon as possible.

Although we try to provide you with a fault-free service, we cannot guarantee that our services will never be faulty. However, we will correct all reported faults as soon as is reasonably possible. We recommend that prior to reporting a telephone or broadband fault to us, you should initially check our Faults Policy where you’ll find further information on how to resolve typical telephone and broadband issues.

Terminating services

Your services with Glide can be terminated when at the end of your minimum term:

If you give us notice, you must pay us any charges that would have been due within the notice period.

If you give us notice that ends, or we end our agreement, during your minimum term, you must pay us the relevant cancellation charges set out in our Cancellation policy.

We may also suspend or terminate your services with Glide if you breach of our terms and conditions and you do not remedy such breach, you breach our Acceptable usage policy, or we are required to do so by a regulatory authority, network provider, gas transporter or network operator.

You may also terminate your services with Glide if we breach our terms and conditions and we do not remedy such breach, if an event outside of our control prevents us from providing the services for more than 30 days, we become insolvent or if you no longer want the services and are happy to pay the cancellation fees.

Any party wishing to give formal notice to the other under our agreement must write to the other as set out below. No other form of communication will be accepted.

You to usBy post to Notice Team, Glide, Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1TT
We to youBy post to the postal address supplied on your order form

Billing and payment

You must pay the charges at the rate set out in our tariffs for any services you take from Glide. You are responsible for checking our tariffs and our call charges before using our services.

When you join Glide, we’ll ask you for your payment details and we’ll begin charging you for your services from the date that they start. You are able to view any charges through your online portal. You will also be notified via email prior to your scheduled billing date of any charges that are to be collected.

If you fail to make payment of charges when they are due, we may suspend or cancel your services, in part or in full until payment is received.

You are liable for the costs of any calls that you make using your telephone service. You are liable for any costs of any energy used at your home under our agreement.

Our services automatically continue when the initial minimum period ends. You should understand and agree that continuation of the services will incur our standard charges unless you cancel the services.

Where we arrange for an engineer to visit your premises for installation of a service, or for resolution of a fault, you will be responsible for any costs incurred owing to any of the following:

We reserve the right to engage a third party debt collection agency and/or tracing agent in order to obtain any outstanding debt. Any additional charges generated as a result of this process will be borne by you.

How we communicate with you

Glide is committed to providing value for money. We achieve this by providing you with the tools to manage and self service your account through your online portal and by replacing costly or manual processes with automation and electronic communication (for example if we need to tell you about something or have an update on your order we’ll inform you by email and/or text rather than sending you a letter). In the event that we need to contact you about some urgent matter we may call you.

Premium rate numbers

It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the charges associated with each number you call. This especially applies to premium rate numbers (numbers starting with 09xx) and number translation services (numbers starting with 08xx).

If you have any queries regarding either of these number types you may find the following information useful:

PhonepayPlus – the industry regulator for premium rate numbers

PhonepayPlus is the industry funded body for all premium rate charged telecommunication services. The role of PhonepayPlus is to protect consumers through its code of practice which regulates all aspects of premium rate number services. They deal specifically with:

If you think a particular service falls within the remit of PhonepayPlus, you can submit a complaint to them. There are various ways of submitting your complaint but before you do, we recommend that you use their online number-checking facility for instant information about the number in question. After that, you can use one of the following methods:

Malicious calls

We take malicious calls very seriously as they can cause annoyance and distress. If you are receiving malicious calls we will help you in every way we can, including working with the police, BT and other network providers where appropriate. In the event that the caller is traced you may be required to give evidence should the matter be taken to court. We may also advise that you change your telephone number or become ex-directory if you continue to receive such calls.

If you believe you are experiencing malicious calls please contact us.

Telephone Preference Service

If you do not wish to receive unsolicited telemarketing calls, register online at or call 0845 070 0707

Fax Preference Service

If you do not wish to receive unsolicited telemarketing faxes, register online at or call 0845 070 0702

Services for disabled and elderly customers

If you are elderly or have a disability, you can register for our Priority Services Register which helps us to help customers with special requirements. For more information, please see our Vulnerable customer policy.

Customer confidentiality

We take the security of our websites and your data extremely seriously. For more information please see our Privacy & cookies policy.

When you call us, we will confirm your identity from the telephone number that you are calling from and by asking you some security questions. If we cannot confirm your identity, we will not discuss the account with the caller.

How to contact Glide

Should you have any queries regarding our services, or are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of your Glide account, please contact us.

Please note that we monitor and record all communications to and from Glide for training purposes and to improve the quality of our customer service.

Making a complaint

While we aim to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction, we acknowledge that from time to time problems do occur. We are committed to ensuring that every effort is made to resolve any difficulties quickly and to your satisfaction.

Please refer to our Complaints policy for details on if something goes wrong.