Broadband Pricing
Price Minimum Contract Length
Virgin Media £47.00* 12 months
Standard £39.98* 6 Months
Fibre £52.98* 9 Months
*Virgin Media does not have a telephone line, however Standard and Fibre does include a telephone line rental of £16.99.

Ultrafast broadband

Virgin’s M200 broadband and intelligent wi-fi are designed for houses of multiple occupancy. And our standard and fibre options deliver class-leading broadband with 24/7 support.

Licence Fee


Monthly Management Fee per house (inc VAT)


TV licence

If you watch live TV or any BBC programmes on iPlayer, you’ll need a TV licence (it’s the law). Your TV licence fee is set by the UK government.

The management fee covers the cost of managing your TV licence for you including sharing the cost between the tenants and spreading the payments out for you.

Water Charges


Monthly Management Fee per house (inc VAT)



We’ll contact your local water company to register your supply, then divide the cost equally among all housemates, so everyone pays their fair share.

Your water charges are set out by your local water supplier. We will only ever charge what you would have paid if you had gone directly to the water and sewerage supplier plus a separate management fee.

  • Late payment charge of £10

  • Returned cheques

  • Missed engineer appointment charges (£120.00)

  • Payment due on the 1st of each month

  • Early contract termination

One-off charges

There may be one off charges for specific administrative reasons – but don’t worry, these have no effect on your monthly payments. We’re honest and transparent about when and where any charges apply, so you always know where you stand.

If you use your telephone line for calls please see our charges here.

Terminating a contract early – refer to our cancellation policy here

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