Nothing we’ve written here is contractual. When we supply our services and equipment to you, our terms & conditions apply.

How to pay Glide

1. If you are a tenant, you pay your bills by debit or credit card through your online portal.

2. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron and Visa Debit.

3. We do not accept American Express or Maestro.

4. Business customers pay via direct debit using this form.

5. Business customers can pay via cheque payable to Glide and posted to:

Alpha Tower,
Suffolk Street Queensway,
B1 1TT

6. Business customers can pay via bank transfer to:

Account name: Glide Utilities Ltd

Sort Code: 20-07-71

Account Number: 90737860

Reference: Please use your account number

7. International customers can pay using our IBAN and BIC references below.



Glide issue a fee of £25.00 per transaction for processing refunds via international bank transfer. If you are entitled to a refundable credit which is less than £25.00 in value, we regret that we will be unable to return these funds to you using this method. You can still receive the funds to a UK bank account or can choose to have the credit value donated to a chosen charity by Glide on your behalf.

General billing

  1. All tenant accounts are managed by our billing platform which processes payments due on that date.
  2. When your payment becomes due, we will attempt to take payment from the payment details we have stored for you. Card payments are submitted and authorised by the card issuer immediately.
  3. Where you have multiple card details stored, the secondary cards are only used if the primary card has failed for over 7 days. All payment details can be entered or updated through your online portal.

Common reasons for payment failure

Card cancelled (e.g. lost or stolen)Provide us with your replacement card details through your online portal.
Temporary referral from bank for anti-fraud reasonsRing your bank to get the transaction authorised
Insufficient funds availableCheck your account balance and deposit some money
Card expired or replacedProvide us with your replacement card details through your online portal

Failed billing processes

Due dateOur billing platform runs and the payment request is submitted to the bank. We will always provide you with at least 5 working days’ notice of any bill that is due. These are emailed to you and can also be viewed through your online portal.
The bank will accept or reject the payment request immediately for card payments.
If payment is rejected, we’ll send you an email and text message telling you that the payment has failed.
Overdue by up to 14 daysWe will continue to email and text you advising you that your payment has failed but no more than once every 3 days.
We’ll also attempt to call you to resolve the issue and any other related problems.
Overdue by 14 daysWe may restrict your services until payment is made (i.e. suspending telephone and broadband services).
A late payment charge is added to your account as set out in our terms and conditions.
Overdue by 28 daysWe may cancel and/or disconnect your services. Reconnection fees will apply to reconnect the services. Alternatively we may install prepayment meters so that we collect payment through the meter itself. Any costs associated with the installation of such meters will be passed on to you.
We may (a) pass your account to an external debt collection agency or a tracing agent or (b) issue legal proceedings against you in the County Court. At this point, additional extra charges will be added on to the outstanding amount to cover the cost incurred and/or the court fees. We will always notified you at every step.

Financial difficulties

  1. If you make contact to explain why you haven’t been able to make payment on time, then we’ll always try to accommodate your individual circumstances and work together to agree a sensible repayment plan. While an agreed repayment plan is in place, we won’t proceed with any further debt recovery action. However if you fail to keep to the agreed repayment plan, we’ll then withdraw the repayment plan proposal and continue debt recovery action.
  2. We understand that people can sometimes have financial problems. If you’re struggling to pay, you need to let us know so that we can try and help you. Good communication is essential to avoid any further action being taken against you. We’ll always try and be as accommodating as possible.