Meter reading is one of the most important parts of energy supply. Readings must be reliable and accurate so that energy bills can be so too

On average, around 90 per cent of all energy supply problems in the UK relate to billing and meter readings. If we can get this bit right, then everything else follows. That’s why we are one of the only suppliers to regularly send meter readers to each of our customers. And, we often make additional attempts if our customers are not at home when we call.

We work hard at getting it right across all aspects of our business, but meter-reading is not something we can do on our own. So, at Glide, we work with three meter reading agents: Lowri Beck, Stark and G4S Utility Services.

Working with these three meter reading agents means we are able to provide a truly nationwide service, that allows us to read your meters on a regular basis and ensure that you are billed accurately. Between them, they provide the best meter-reading services in the industry, and they help us outperform the other energy companies.

Checking identity

Please always check the meter reader’s ID when they call at your home. If you wish to use a password that they will know, just call us on 0333 666 5555 or email us at to set this up.

Smart meters

Very soon we will begin trialling smart meters for some customers in advance of the full industry rollout which will start in 2016 and finish in 2020. Please call us on 0333 666 5555 if you are interested in having a smart meter, and we will either be in touch regarding a trial or will ensure you are one of the first to receive a smart meter when the rollout starts.

We will be using G4S Utility Services and Lowri Beck to install smart meters for all our customers within the 4 year period from January 2016 to December 2020.

Customer choice

We used to work with Accuread (who, in our opinion and experience, offer the best national meter read service). Accuread were bought out by G4S in 2008 and renamed G4S Utility Services. We are aware that some of our customers would prefer that we didn’t use G4S Utility Services, so, for these customers we will provide an alternative meter reading agent.

We know there are issues with G4S. They’re an enormous organisation (operating in more than 125 countries with over 657,000 employees) and parts of this huge business have undertaken activities that we do not support.

If you don’t want G4S to read your meter on our behalf, please email or call us on 0333 666 5555 and we’ll provide an alternative for you.

You can also submit your own meter reading. However, please remember we do need to visit to inspect your meter at least once a year. Your safety is very important to us.