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In our Guides section you will find helpful and useful articles that will help you maximise your budgeting, understand the dreaded household bills and help you make the most out of your student life at uni.

Utility Guides

What Is A Fair Way To Split Bills?

Moving into a student house can be one of the most exciting uni experiences, but it can also be one of the most daunting. You’ll be faced with boring adult tasks like splitting the chores and sorting out the bills – things that, let’s be real, no one really wants to do. Ideally, you’ll need a system where everyone knows how much they should contribute, preventing any future disagreements. Here’s some useful tips to ensure that the bills are split fairly and easily.

How To Set Up Your TV Licence

When you move in, you’ll no doubt have a TV ready to get set up in your living room so that you and your housemates can catch up on all your favourite shows together. Before you do that- you’ll need to make sure that you are covered by the law and have purchased a licence.

How To Set Up Your Water Bill

Let’s face it, water bills aren’t the most exciting thing in the world and you’ve probably never had to deal with them before. Until now. Suddenly, you’re moving into your new student house and are faced with sorting all the household utility bills at one time. No doubt, the confusion has kicked in and reality has hit, adulthood is officially here.

Setting Up Your Gas & Electricity Bills

The gas and electricity in your home is what keeps you warm, cooks your food, allows you to charge your phone and even binge-watch Netflix. Without it, it’d be pretty cold, boring and dark. So, before you start planning in all the fun with your housemate, make sure you set up your gas and electricity bill. When you move into your new home, there will be some key things you’ll need to do to get the ball rolling. Here, we will explain everything you need to know and what you’ll need to do to make sure you have everything set up.

Is Council Tax A Utility Bill?

Council tax is a yearly charge (usually paid in instalments of 10 or 12) that household’s pay to fund things such as rubbish collections, park maintenance, roadworks and schools in their local area. All properties are put into ‘council tax bands’ which are lettered A through H and are based on the size, location and a few other factors. This determines the amount payable by the household. Not very exciting but bear with us!

Moving away from home and living with other students is an awesome time in your life. You will finally get the chance to live independently, make loads of new friends, and have lots of fun! Shared student housing can turn into a nightmare if you have a housemate who doesn’t pay their bills.

Student Guides

How Do I Sort My Bills For A Student House?

So, the excitement of moving into your new student house has kicked in and all you can think about is getting the biggest room! But, before you get too excited – start thinking about your utility bills. Learning to manage your bills will help you sort your finances, save money for nights out, and prevent any aggro in your house over bills and who owes what. With this in mind, we have put together a useful guide on how to sort your bills.


If you’re starting the hunt for your next student home but don’t know where to begin, our guide will help you find your perfect house-share. There’s a lot to think about when searching for your next base, so before you start the hunt, make sure you think about exactly what you and your future housemates are looking for. A good place to start is online, there are some great sites that advertise student homes and they provide really useful information, making the search that little bit easier.

One of the best things about uni, is sharing a house with your friends. Cooking, partying, and binge watching your way through series together is what dreams are made of. But, sometimes the adult stuff can get in the way and create issues when it comes to splitting and paying utility bills.

Budgeting Guides

What’s A Good Monthly Budget For A University Student?

Setting a good monthly budget all depends on your lifestyle, where you’re living and how much you’re spending on things like take-aways and nights out. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reduce your monthly costs, maximise your student loan, and manage your money better as a student. To help, we’re going to look at the key things to consider when working out your monthly budget at university.

How Can I Reduce My Water Bill?

Utility bills can add up, especially when you’re trying to budget and make your savings stretch. If you’ve never had to deal with them before, then you’re probably shocked at how much water bills can rack up. Fortunately, there are many simple things you and your housemates can do to reduce your water use, help the environment, and save more of that all-important student loan. Here’s a few ideas:

Top Energy Saving Tips

Whether you want to save the pennies or to be the generation to tackle climate change, saving energy doesn’t have to be difficult or cost you a lot of money. We’ve gathered some of the most effective and easy tricks to get you started in your student home.

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