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How Do I Sort My Bills For A Student House?

So, the excitement of moving into your new student house has kicked in and all you can think about is getting the biggest room! But, before you get too excited – start thinking about your utility bills. Learning to manage your bills will help you sort your finances, save money for nights out, and prevent any aggro in your house over bills and who owes what. With this in mind, we have put together a useful guide on how to sort your bills.

Best Websites To Find The Perfect Houseshare

If you’re starting the hunt for your next student home but don’t know where to begin, our guide will help you find your perfect house-share. There’s a lot to think about when searching for your next base, so before you start the hunt, make sure you think about exactly what you and your future housemates are looking for. A good place to start is online, there are some great sites that advertise student homes and they provide really useful information, making the search that little bit easier.

Student Housing Bills Advice

One of the best things about uni, is sharing a house with your friends. Cooking, partying, and binge watching your way through series together is what dreams are made of. But, sometimes the adult stuff can get in the way and create issues when it comes to splitting and paying utility bills.

What To Look Out For In Your New Uni House

Time is ticking and student houses are being snapped up left right and now! It’s easy to get caught up in the property panic and dive headfirst into one. But did you check for dripping taps? And now you think about it, spot some mysterious black spots on the bedroom wall?

Managing Your Student Finances

When having the time of your life at uni managing finances isn’t going to be high on your list, but it’s super important to keep a tab on it so you can continue living your best life! It’s estimated that over 79%* of students worry about finances during uni, so we’ve put a few tips together to ease the strain.

Student Bedroom Decorating Hacks

The most exciting part of moving into your new digs is making your bedroom yours. And good news, it really doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For a few quid you can turn an empty room into a haven worth retreating to at the end of the day.

Revision Tips For Students

If the thought of revision fills you with dread, have no fear! With a few simple steps you can get through it – let’s do it! Read our top tips here for how to boss your revision.

How To Cope With Homesickness

Whether you’ve come across the pond or haven’t hopped far, homesickness is something that many students will feel at some point during their time at uni. It can conjure up feelings of embarrassment for some, but it’s totally normal and there are ways to send it packing!

Looking After Your Mental Health At Uni

Stats show that around 1 in 4 students suffer from mental wellbeing issues during their time at uni, so take comfort in knowing that you’re really not alone. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult asking for help, even though you know it’s out there. So, where do you look and who can you talk to?

Do students pay water and sewerage?

Water is a basic and essential utility that every student house needs. Unfortunately, students have to pay for water – the post night out shower is a worthwhile investment! But don’t panic! The good news is that water bills are one of the easiest utility bills to manage.

How much do utilities cost for a university student?

Moving to university gives you the freedom to live away from home and enjoy student life to the fullest. But, unfortunately, you will also have adult responsibilities and have to manage utility bills for the first time!

Ways To Pay Student Bills

Once you’ve identified your utility providers and understand how often you receive your bills and what they mean, the next step is of course to make sure you’re paying them on time.

Your Guide to Understanding Student & Landlord Responsibilities

Whether this is your first year in student accommodation or not, you may have some questions about your rights and responsibilities as a student tenant, especially if you’ve come across an iffy landlord before.

How to Get Student Council Tax Exemption

This is an important utility bill, but there are several exemptions and discounts available for students – result! To make sure you’re paying what you should be, take a look at our quick guide to organizing exemption for yourself.

How to Get Cheap Student Contents Insurance

One important issue to sort out before you move in is insurance. Setting up contents’ insurance can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t done it before, but it’s definitely one of the easier tasks when it comes to managing student life! Here are some pointers to get you started.

What to Take to University Checklist

Whether you’re leaving home and moving to uni for the first time, or you’re already in your second or third year, it’s always a good idea to be prepared and make a comprehensive list of things to pack and take with you.

5 DIY Ideas for Your Student Room That Ooze Queen’s Gambit Vibes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard (and are obsessed with) Netflix’s The Queens Gambit; the most watched scripted limited series to date.

Conjure up magic in your student room with these Harry Potter home accessories

Every Harry Potter fan dreams of going to Hogwarts. Here’s 8 accessories to help create a magical student room worthy of making every muggle jealous.

How To Make Your Student Digs Instagram-Worthy

Being a uni student in lockdown isn’t the most exciting thing in the world; in fact, it’s more likely to dampen what was supposed to be your fun-filled student experience. No more prinks, socials or nights out – wasn’t that the whole point of going to uni?? (Besides the studying part…)

How-To Guide For First Time Movers

Moving into a new house when you’re a student can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time. It can also be made that little bit worse when you receive an unexpected bill through the post that you don’t quite understand, from a company that you don’t recognise – and let’s be real, most of the time you’re tempted to throw these out with the rubbish!


What Is The Best Bank Account For Students?

When it comes to reeling in students, the banks know that the best way to do this is through the legal bribery of freebies and goodies. This works well for students who can find themselves benefiting from this competition with free stuff just by signing up for a new student bank account.

Top 10 Apps For Students

Let’s be honest, you’re probably already spending a lot of time on your smartphone every day, so why not put that time to good use? There’s a useful app for almost everything these days, and they can definitely make student life easier, cheaper and safer. Here’s a look at our 10 favourite apps for students.

The Ultimate Student Budget Planner

Drawing up (and sticking to) a budget can seem a little boring, but it can definitely help cut money stress since you always know where you stand financially and can plan your life accordingly. Here are some tips on putting together the definitive budget to see you through your student years.

The A to Z Of Applying For A Student Loan

But whether you’re a new student or one who’s in the middle of their study journey, it’s worth properly understanding all your options, so you can make the best decision for yourself. Though every student will have their own individual situation, we’re breaking down the basics of applying for student finance, so you can start planning your year ahead, thinking about night outs and paying your utility bills!

Things To Know About Student TV Licences

One of those unexpected bills that many students forget to factor in when preparing to move into their first uni house, is the TV licence. We’ve put together this guide to help you get to grips with what you need to know about TV licences as you get ready to live independently for the first time.

Positive Affirmations For Students: Staying Positive In A Pandemic

Students have borne the brunt of the UK’s lockdown restrictions for the past year, and many have struggled to manage the stress on top of an already challenging study year. But at the start of 2021, with vaccinations rolling out and spring on the horizon, students have reason to feel a little more optimistic.

How Much Student Loan Will I Get?

Getting ready for university is not just about acing your A-Level or BTEC exams, buying a toastie-maker and a bulk pack of highlighters. As well as the rigmarole of UCAS, there is the Student Loans Company (SLC) to deal with.


The Best Unis for Studying Languages in the UK

In our increasingly global society, the demand for linguists is rising every day. This makes it a great subject to study at university, which is perhaps what you are hoping to do.

A Guide to House-hunting: Finding the Perfect Pad

Living with friends appeals to most students for many reasons: most people like the company; they look forward to studying together, throwing parties and offering each other the moral support needed to pull through a hangover; and it’s also cheaper as they can split the bills.

How To Prepare For Results Day

Even if you know your stuff for your A-level exams, you will, unfortunately, have plenty of time to start doubting yourself by the time that Results Day comes around. Anxiety about whether or not you will get into the university of your choice may emerge.


Credit Card Fees For Students

Student loans are a blessing when it comes to funding your time at Uni, but it can still be tricky to make ends meet when you’re waiting for that next lot of money to arrive in your account.

The UK’s Best Student Nightlife Destinations

Close Netflix and get out of your sweats. You’re going to want to grab your mates and get ready to go ‘OUT out’, because we’re about to give you the low-down on the UK’s best student nightlife destinations.

Highest Paid Graduate Schemes

Time moves quickly when you’re at Uni and, as you have probably realised by now, you’re going to have to move quickly too if you want to bag one of the best post-grad jobs for when you finish.

The Ultimate Guide To Student Discounts

Being a student has never been more expensive – and that doesn’t look likely to change any time soon. To help you out in these hard times, we’re going to reveal our very best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your student discount.

Planning Your Summer Holiday Before University 

The summer holiday before you go to university is an essential rite of passage. Once you become an adult, it is a rare opportunity to have any time longer than 2-3 weeks off with no responsibilities, deadlines, schedules or worries about what you’re going to do with your life for the next few years (that is, until you retire).

How To Make Your Student Accommodation Feel Like Home

Starting university and moving into your own place is an incredibly exciting time, but leaving home is never easy as you will have to fend for yourself, sort utility bills and possibly learn a new city. Many students suffer from homesickness, particularly at the beginning of the year and during the exam period, when the pressure is high.


How to Make Friends With Your New Flatmates

While it’s normal to wonder about who you will be living with and how you will all get along or who you’ll have to chase for utility bills, we want to assure you that it won’t be as hard as you think. In fact, there are a whole bunch of things you can do to make sure that you and your new flatmates become firm friends.


7 Budget-Friendly Student Recipes

Ok, so you’ve got the basics, but now you have to decide what to cook. You’re probably worrying at this stage that you will be eating plain rice and baked beans all year. Never fear – we’ve got you covered with these budget-friendly student recipes for familiar tasty favourites.

Uni Halls vs Private Housing: Everything You Need to Know

When you decide to go to university, you will be faced with several accommodation options, with two of the most popular being uni halls and private housing. The accommodation you choose will have a big impact on your student experience and you must choose the best option based on your lifestyle and budget.

How to Smash the Second Half of a Term at Uni

Studying is hard work – especially when you’re balancing it with work and a social life – and it’s normal to feel tired and unmotivated as you reach the mid-way point. Don’t worry, we’ve put together some tips to help you smash the second half of term at uni so you don’t spend all semester feeling exhausted and uninspired.


6 Things You Need to Know When Moving Into a Student House

Having survived student halls, you probably think that you’re fully prepared to move into your first student house but living in a student house is a whole new experience. Student houses can bring up issues when it comes to utility bill splitting, deposits, and other housing problems – so it’s best to be prepared.

The Ultimate Cleaning Rota Guide 2022

Most of us don’t want to live in a pigsty. And regardless of our personal tastes, when we are sharing a student house with other people, we all have to be conscientious about making sure that the environment works for everyone.


Top Student Vegetarian Meals 2022

Becoming a student is much more than just studying and immersing yourself in a course. For many it is also about moving out of the family home, supporting yourself, and cementing your own identity in the world.

Thinking of Transferring or Dropping Out of University?

If things are not working out for you on the course or university that you have chosen, you might be considering transferring to a different course or university – or dropping out altogether.

Budgeting Guides

What’s A Good Monthly Budget For A University Student?

Setting a good monthly budget all depends on your lifestyle, where you’re living and how much you’re spending on things like take-aways and nights out. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reduce your monthly costs, maximise your student loan, and manage your money better as a student. To help, we’re going to look at the key things to consider when working out your monthly budget at university.

Average Bills Per Month in London

Choosing to study in London means you’ll no doubt be choosing an awesome course, exciting nightlife, and some of the best work opportunities. However, relocating to the capital does have a few drawbacks.

Food Shopping Tips For Students

Groceries are likely to be one of your biggest expenses while you’re a student. In fact, the average student spends almost £100 a month on food shopping! This can also be a lot higher if you regularly visit your local corner shop or use high-end supermarkets (especially for fancy pre-drinks!).

All-inclusive Or Not inclusive: which is better for students?

You have a lot of important decisions to make when you go to university, and one of them is whether to choose all-inclusive or non-inclusive accommodation. The option you pick will impact on your overall costs and experience, so it’s important to think about which you’d prefer.

How To Be Eco-friendly on a Budget

Are you worried that being green is costly? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that many eco-friendly choices are also budget-friendly choices! Here are some easy to be eco-friendly on a budget.

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