Ahhh, the humble student loan. The feeling you get when it hits your bank account and your mind runs wild with all the grand purchases you can finally make, then BOOM! Bills!

With loans come responsibility and you will most likely find yourself swamped with having to sort your student bills at the start of your tenancy. Pre-planning and budgeting are major wins when sorting your bills. Make a list of what is due in date order and how much of your loan will remain for those post night out takeaways! Also look for opportunities to save money on your contents insurance and make sure you have student council tax exemption!

Splitting the bills with your housemates for all your student utilities can save both time and money when it comes to managing your finances. Here at Glide, we’ll manage all the boring stuff while you just pay for one bill a month which covers it all! This avoids a possible messy situation when having to pay through one of your housemates.

It’s actually really simple! Here are some pro tips to help recap the essentials;

  • Prioritise payments due in date order
  • Calculate how much you will need to cover your bills
  • Plan, plan and plan some more!
  • Look back and know that it was all worth it!

The important thing is not to stress, if you’re organised and don’t go crazy as soon as your loan drops then you’ll be able to live comfortably throughout the term. If you’re still needing to sort your bills, give us a shout on 0333 666 5555.