Glide strives to be open and transparent about every aspect of the business. So you can read our policies here. The information presented is, word for word, the same as that used by our customer service team during training and when handling customer queries. We are making this available before a customer speaks to us to provide complete visibility of the policies Glide uses in its daily operations.

You should read our policies in conjunction with our terms and conditions. Please be aware that these policies can change frequently and without notice in response to our changing business environment, customer feedback or new business decisions.

For our policies below you should be aware that Glide is a telephone and broadband supplier. For electricity and gas we are proud to be powered by TruEnergy and operate under the supply licence of TruEnergy. The policies below marked with an asterisk (*) relate only to the domestic supply of gas and electricity. If you need any more help or information on this, feel free to contact us.

Remember if you are having a problem with any of your services try our complaints policy and we will try our best to fix things for you as quickly as possible.