Looking after our vulnerable customers is a top priority for Glide and this policy sets out how Glide helps customers with special requirements.

Priority Services Register

Glide maintains a Priority Services Register to help customers with special requirements.

We’ll also share this information with the relevant gas transporter, metering agents and electricity distributors so they are also aware.

Who’s eligible?

Customers, or anyone in their household, can register with our Priority Services Register if they:

Priority services we offer

Examples of the priority service we offer include:

Text Relay

We also provide the Text Relay service that allows people using text phones to make calls to people using a standard voice phone. By using the appropriate Text Relay access code (as shown below) an operator will help translate the call between the text and voice users. Text Relay calls will appear on your bill as an operator call. To use Text Relay simply use the following codes:

How to register

Please complete the form below to register on our Priority Services Register or alternatively you can register over the telephone by contacting us.