ESG and Glide


Glide’s core vision is to bring infrastructure to difficult to serve markets and to do this we are committed to responsible business practices which uphold our environmental, social and governance goals. This is important to us as a business as we recognise our responsibility as a leading provider of broadband services in the UK that great business is not just providing great products and service. It is also taking care of our people, our communities and making sure we do what is right for the world we live in today so we look after it for future generations.

To learn how we are doing this, please read on and find out all about our focus, commitments and actions to embrace our environmental, social and governance objectives.

Glide’s mission statement

Glide creates great customer loyalty through responsible business practices.

“Everything we do and every pound we spend should be focused around creating great customer loyalty.”

This is supported with our ESG goals and commitments.

ESG objectives

These are our principal ESG related objectives when conducting our business in a responsible and considerate manner:

Governance – How we manage our business

Glide has strived to build a good reputation over the years. This includes a policy which sets out requirements for employees, which are designed to maintain the reputation for integrity and protect employees from accusations of partiality in commercial matters.

The Company has documented quality standards for levels of service given to customers. We monitor these standards and always seek to improve. In a similar way we have high expectations of all our managers and employees about how they conduct their business transactions.

We set clear goals and objectives and have a structure of rules, practices and processes used to direct and manage our business.

Our Net Zero Plan

Our Net Zero Plan can be found here.

Carbon reduction projects

Cabinet refresh – upgrade and reduce power consumption
This project is focused on updating legacy equipment and technology to not only improve customer experience and opportunities but to reduce power costs. This will be achieved through the conversion of as many cabinets as possible to passive which will completely remove power requirements. The aim is to reduce annual cabinet power costs as well as maintenance and servicing costs.

Packaging changes – reducing plastic packaging from our supply chain
It’s important to us to reduce our waste going to landfill and we do this by working with the right suppliers. We choose our suppliers (where we can) from those who consider using recyclable packaging such as cardboard instead of plastic. Within our own processes, we re-use as much of the packaging as we can and ensure that we take action to recycle what we don’t use.

Interxion Footprint Reduction – simplify and reduce power consumption
Glide has been working to reduce our Interxion DC footprint.  In order to achieve this, there are 2 main areas of activity:

  1. 1. Simplification of over complicated legacy organically grown network segments.
  2. 2. Removal of legacy, power hungry infrastructure, replaced by modern, more efficient hardware.

We have seen a power usage reduction of 12,500kWh per month and carbon reduction calculated of 10.625 tonnes per month.

BT Exchanges Project – Upgrade exchanges with more energy efficient kit
BT Exchanges are being unbundled by Glide to improve backhaul network capacity but also decommissions exchanges no longer required which enables removal of old, power-hungry equipment. 

Vehicle/business miles – Reduce business miles

Marketing Materials – Reduce printed literature
Reduce the current environmental impacts generated through marketing activities.

Social Responsibility

The management of Glide recognise that the day-to-day operations and decisions can impact people and the environment including those we serve in our communities as well as our employees. We aim to protect the society we are part of through good management and by adopting best practice, being open and transparent wherever possible.

We will continue to work to integrate social responsibility considerations into our business decisions and treat everyone involved in our business fairly.  This includes conducting our business ethically with honesty and transparency.  We are also committed to eliminating risks to the environment, where possible, through selection and design of materials, buildings, facilities, equipment and processes to therefore eliminate risks and impacts on society.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Glide is an equal opportunity employer.

The Company is committed to being a successful, caring and welcoming place for all employees. We want to create a supportive and inclusive environment where our employees can reach their full potential, without prejudice and discrimination. We are committed to a culture where respect and understanding is fostered, and the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances will be positively valued. 

We aspire to represent the local community we operate in and this is something we currently exceed at. 

Equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and compliance with the law is to the benefit of all individuals in our Company as it seeks to develop the skills and abilities of its people. While specific responsibility for eliminating discrimination and providing equality of opportunity lies with managers and supervisors, individuals at all levels have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect.

Through our policy and procedure and the training and development of managers and staff, the organisation will do all it can to promote good practice in this area in order to eliminate discrimination and harassment as far as is reasonably possible. The Company will also continue to work towards its dedicated goal of encouraging and promoting equality and diversity within the workforce.

Glide is also proud to share that we are certified as Disability Confident Committed Employer, and we have committed to:

Find out more about Disability Confident at: