No more chasing your housemates for money

With Glide’s student bills app, you won’t have to deal with awkward chats, or waiting for housemates to give you their share. Let us take the pain out of your shared student bills.

Student Bills, Split Simply

Here at Glide, we like to see ourselves as your favourite housemate. We will take care of your shared student bills, by providing all the utilities you need and sharing them equally between all housemates. No one takes the brunt of dealing with suppliers or chasing other housemates for money.

When you’re with Glide, we ensure you and your housemates have full transparency over all of your household student utility bills. Say bye to housemate arguments, confusion and stress, and hello to awesome new memories and friends for life.

Apart from council tax, students bills are the same as an ordinary tenant, that’s the gas, electricity, water, TV licence and broadband.

With Glide, you can set up your student utility bills package within minutes and we’ll calculate & split it evenly between you and your housemates. so, you can manage your bills in one monthly payment, making budgeting easy. Whether this is your first time flying the nest and setting up a utility account, or are familiar to the process, our student bills packages streamline the process for you and your housemates.

Our student bills app is simple to use, and our friendly 24/7 Broadband Support team are always on hand to support you. Let us take the stress out of your private and student bills.

Fair & square

Shared responsibility. No chasing for payments. It’s all sorted by us, your favourite housemate. No joint, shared account needed – everyone pays their share from their own bank account. Every housemate is equal. There’s no chief-bill payer. No awkward chats. No falling out over unpaid bills.

Simple monthly payments

Predictable dates and outgoings, available on 6–12-month contracts to suit you, with no nasty surprises.

You’re in control

Clear statements, meter readings, and usage tracking via our app or online portal. Everything you need, all in one place. We’ve got you covered.

24/7 broadband support

Our friendly Gliders are here to help, anytime, any day, via Twitter, live chat, phone, or email. We’re here to connect with you at any time.

Get a quick quote on your student utility bills package before you start; just drop in how many people share your home and your postcode below. If you like what you see, just click ‘Continue quote’ to sign up. Start my quote


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If you decide to go with us, it’s really straightforward; give us your housemates’ details, and we’ll contact them and take it from there!

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