You’ve spent all your money and finished your exams, now what? The summer can be a drag at times if you’re stuck inside your parents with no money and nothing to do. So, why not try volunteering it opens so many doors while having the best time and more importantly – on a budget.


Let’s face it, at Uni you’re going to be pretty skint. So, there’s a slim chance of being able to fork out about 200 pounds on a festival ticket! Instead volunteer at one. There are plenty of options and opportunities. From working with charities, stewarding or litter picking. Volunteering means you enjoy great music and meet great people too.

Listen up

There’s plenty to do to help other people. Joining the Samaritans is one of them, Samaritans are a charity which helps those who are at their darkest moments. By lending an ear to those struggling with mental health issues, you could be potentially saving a life. With that comes your own reward and that purpose which is truly fulfilling.

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It’s great for your CV!

Showing that you volunteer will give your CV a boost. It’s a great way of getting experience and showing you’re not all about the money, that you’re driven and motivated to work hard independently.

It’s good for your own mental health

Getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people will increases self-confidence and it will be great for physical heath too! We all know that doing good feels good. So that means feeling good all summer!


There are plenty of reasons to volunteer this summer, giving yourself a mission to help others, the environment and yourself before you head back to Uni.