3 months off, surrounded by home comforts, unlimited heating and mum and dad’s taxi services sounds fantastic, right?

That’s until you’re 2 weeks in, have exhausted every Netflix season on offer, and have finally realised that there’s a limit to your overdraft and it’s stopping you doing fun things.

Sadly, the bank of mum and dad will only stretch so far too.

So, what do you do? Well, whether you’re strapped for cash, lacking in creativity or your pals are too busy to entertain you, here are 10 hacks to help you have the best summer!

The secret to a great summer at home is not winding your parents up. If I learnt anything from being a student it’s to always take shoes upstairs, make your bed, and, that fetching them coffee in the morning goes a LONG way.

Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, and your fam certainly won’t appreciate the floordrobe – unpack straight away!

WERK IT. Get yourself a summer job and earn some cash! Working at kid’s camps are a fun way to spend your summers & easy money! Or, why not get a job in a cafe or bar? Standing at a bar being sociable should hardly feel like work by now…

Can’t afford to go to a festival? Work at one! You’ll get to see world-class acts while making some pretty cool friends – check out Action Aid & Festaff to get started.

Whether your budget stretches to Thailand, Interrailing or a UK road trip with your mates, travelling is a great, life-enriching way to spend your summer.

Make graduation easier by getting work experience now. It’ll cure that summer boredom, get your foot in the door, and, help you gain new skills.

If 3 months away from your uni-fam is too much (or you’re just fed up of your parents treating you like a child), go and visit them and explore the new cities and towns.

rolling suitcase travelling GIF by Girl Starter

Embrace family bonding. Because, as much as you hate to admit, you need it as much as they do sometimes…

Can’t afford a summer holiday? Then work abroad!Get paid to tan, socialise, and just generally have a lot of fun by becoming a holiday rep, or, why not try out Camp America?

Try something new!Find a new hobby by taking a class, or, teach yourself something in the house – like how to cook? Cheesy chips and Supernoodles is certainly NOT the diet of champions.

Still bored?
Ok, this might have you clutching at straws for entertainment, but seriously, back-to-uni prep in those hours of mind-numbing boredom, where you’ve exhausted a whole season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia in a day, can go a long way.

We’re talking pre-reading, sorting out your utility bill providers and buying household necessities… it basically means that when you get back you can embrace Freshers’ week as much as you did in first year!