Not having a clear idea of what you want to do after uni is completely normal, many students will be in the same boat. Instead of panicking, this is the perfect opportunity for you to try different things to help you figure it out.

But first, work experience

Work experience is key. Start by researching sectors that are related to the course you study or even your hobbies- if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, as they say.

Make a list of all the companies that most appeal to you and get in touch with them. Whether it’s for work experience, advice or even mentor-ship. Getting experience during your studies will give you a head start after uni, it’ll also give you an idea of your likes and dislikes. Here at Glide, we offer work experience and summer jobs, so get in touch.

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Get all the advice

Whilst you’re still at uni, get all the advice you can from the careers department. Sometimes talking out loud about what you want to do with a pro, helps! They’ll go through what you need to pursue certain paths, provide advice on how to get noticed and they’ll also help transform your CV.

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Volunteering is life

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, now’s the time to do it. Look at local charities or initiatives in your area and see what’s available. Volunteer work is an easy way to bag experience and learn a new set of skills, click here for a list of opportunities. You never know, you may love it so much that you decide you want to work for a charity after uni.

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Get a hobby

No hobbies? no problem, it’s not too late. If you’ve always fancied your hand at something completely different to your degree, what’s stopping you trying it? whether it’s photography, pottery, darts or even yoga- you may find that your hobby could lead you to your dream career choice.

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Lastly, DON’T PANIC. life’s about trying loads of different things, it’s part of the journey and remember, you’re not alone. There’s loads of people who don’t quite know what they want to do after uni, but if you try the above, you may find it helps you feel more prepped.