Choosing the perfect playlist for your study sessions can be a chore within itself. We’ve picked out the best study beats to listen to that will have you cranking up the volume for sure!

Sound Check 🔊

So, you probably never thought that there are levels to picking the right study beats right? Essentially, listening to your faves may not be the best idea when studying, here are our top tips for picking the tunes that will help you get more out of your study sessions;

  • Match the tempo of your task
  • Create a vibe, do you need more energy or zen?
  • Consistent genres help to create a flow
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new!
Study beats

Binaural Study Beats 🥁

Binaural beats are a perception of sound created by your brain. Trippy, we know!

The beats help your mind to delve into deep focus which help improve concentration, memory and brain function making them a perfect choice when picking out study beats. There are so many variations online, search for your favourites or try out these YouTube & Spotify picks!

Study Lo-Fi 🎵

We love Lo-fi! Originally known as low-quality sound recordings with audible imperfections, these beats are AWESOME and worth adding to your study playlist.

The relaxing effect and perfect tempo helps to keep listeners engaged without making them sleepy. You can find lo-fi covers of your favourite songs and music genres pretty much anywhere online now. Once you go lo-fi, you won’t go back!

Try these out 👉 YouTube | Spotify

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Classical 🎹

Did you know that it has been proven through academic studies that classical music is the perfect choice for listening to during revision sessions?

Whether its a little Mozart, Beethoven or Bach, the composition of these classic artists can help boost concentration levels and even improve memory! Who knew? The softness of classical melodies are super relaxing and we found that they don’t distract you either, perfect for essay writing.

Pick your Playlist 🎶

Why not try out one of these study beats for your next revision session and see how it affects your mood?

Concentration & Memory

Ambient Focus