There will be a pretty big proportion of students looking to move into their first student property who will have no idea what a utilities service provider is. This article will help explain.

A utility supplier is the company that is providing the electricity, gas or water to the student property.

For the supply to continue, the students moving into their new home will need to contact the utility suppliers directly and tell them they are the new tenants.

It’s likely that the utility providers will ask for meter readings which will help them determine how much gas, water and electricity the tenants have used since taking moving into the property. Sending meter readings is so important to ensure that you are billed accurately.

Find cheap student gas bills

There are various ways to find cheap student gas bills, as well as for electricity and water, and they include using online comparison websites, contacting utility providers directly or utilising the excellent service from Glide to enjoy the cheapest bills and have the sharing of these household bills taken care of.

That’s because the Glide system will collect money from each student tenant every month to pay for their utilities as well as the TV licence.

This is also a big help for those students who are not looking forward to asking fellow housemates for their share of the bills or allocating responsibility of the bill to each other. The non-payment of a utility bill can be a serious issue because this will be recorded on the tenants’ credit history – regardless of whether they paid their share of the bill or not.

Indeed, with the Glide method of sharing household bills means the students are responsible for paying their share only and don’t have to worry about their housemates paying their bills as well.

Excellent and cheap student broadband deals

While it’s not a utility, there will be a demand for excellent student broadband deals, especially as you’ll spend a lot of your time at uni browsing the internet to help you with your studies and to allow you to catch up with your favorite series on Netflix.

Obviously, broadband will also be included in the monthly bill from Glide which will help you budget more effectively since there will be no unexpected bills landing on your doormat.

Also, another headache removed when switching to Glide is that you will not have to shop around for the best utilities provider since Glide can offer the best possible student utility and broadband deals and take care of the supply once the tenants move into their new home.

For more help and advice about understanding what a utilities service provider is, then contact the friendly team at Glide.