Getting your student loan is a great experience of discovering money in your bank account, seeing it all filter away is not. Unfortunately, you’ve got utility bills to pay and sometimes it’s hard to budget your bills with what you would like to spend it on! So, here’s our advice to help you budget better at Uni.

Become a master chef.

This is all about preparation and not skill. The first thing to do is decide what you’re going to eat in advance. Do a big shop. Then get cooking. Cook for a daily breakfast, lunches to take with you and dinner at night. Taking a packed lunch with you will save you around 5 pound a day which will add up to around £100 a month!

It’s all about discounts

Become the king or queen of saving by scrawling the net for discount codes and sites. You’ve got cinemas, restaurants, gyms and clothing stores that will be offering discounts, so when you’re planning to buy something, see if you can get it cheaper before you go ahead with the purchase. But be careful, buying something for the sake of 10% off can lead to your downfall of overspending!

Get organised

Work out your incoming and outgoings. Depending on how you make money outside of  your loan, i.e a part time job or money from the parents, you will have to work out how much you make then deduct; food, travel, bills, rent. See what’s left for entertainment and don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time.

Sort your bills with Glide

Glide make bills simple and make it easier to budget. Having your main bills organised and not coming out on different dates will stop you from splurging loads of money in one go!

To find out more about how you can budget better with Glide and prevent those housemate arguments over who owes what, give us a shout on 0333 240 9030