A part of moving out is paying bills, although being a student means that you’re more than likely exempt from paying council tax. Phew! Here’s a handy guide to what council tax is, how to get exempt from it and reasons why you may have to pay.

So, what is council tax for?

Council tax is a charge for your house or flat which is collected annually from your local authority. It pays for public services such as schools, waste collection, fire and police. The cost of the council tax will depend on the number of adults and the value of the property.

Do you get taxed if you’re a student?

Thankfully, as a full-time student you get council tax exemption, so that’s one less thing to worry about! Although if you are sharing a property with someone who isn’t a student, you will have to pay toward it.

What if I’m a part time student?

If you are a part time student, it all depends on a few factors. The main ones being; are you attending Uni for at least one full year and are you studying for over 21-hour hours of study per week? If you are, you should be exempt!

How do I apply?

It’s important to look at who your local council is, contact them and tell them you are a full-time student. Sometimes your university will arrange an electronic document which will contain the details of your address and whether you are a full-time student. If your University doesn’t provide this info, then it’s best to ring the council and provide your student ID number and address. Make sure all your housemates do this, so you don’t get hit by a bill!

If you have any more queries regarding your council tax then Visit Gov.uk website to double check if you’re eligible.

For a student council tax is one less bill not to worry about. Although there’s still going to be the hassle of paying several other bills including rent and utilities.

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