How my Glide Journey Started

Whilst living in my home town of Portsmouth, I was job hunting, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I came across a job role that really stood out to me in Birmingham and luckily, my friend who lives there suggested I move in with them, that’s when my journey with Glide began.

I’ve never been into the corporate scene and Glide seemed far from boring. So, when I got invited for an interview, the excitement began. I quit my job, trekked halfway up the country and crashed on my friend’s sofa for 6 months. I started Glide on a temporary contract and at the end of it, I was offered a permanent position. Within a year, I became team leader.

What next?

After a while, I placed more focus on my career goals and as Glide had given me exposure to different departments and roles, I knew that Finance was the right path for me.

Although we were about to head back into our peak period (and I wanted to honour my commitments to my team), I had a conversation with the Finance Manager and told him my ambitions. Six months later, a finance position became available and within no time my career in finance began.

There’s so much opportunity.

Glide gives their employees so much opportunity, which is why we all love it here. To help me build my career, Glide have put me through two courses- one specifically for finance and the other for leadership. You rarely get that anywhere else.

One of the best things about working for Glide is that they trust you to make decisions and they listen to ideas- I have already been able to make some positive changes and I’m excited to make more.

We’ll soon be heading into our busy summer months again and we’ll be advertising lots of jobs across the business to cover different departments, so keep your eyes peeled.