Saving up for that Uni Pad but still want to make the most out of the Summer break? Our pro tips will have you budgeting like a boss and help you save money this Summer!

Save Money

Tip 1: Sort your Budget

Knowing how much you have to spend is key when trying to save money. A simple budget plan will help you understand where your money is going and what you can do in Summer without ending up broke!

Here are a few tips on how to do this with ease;

  • Get organised with your Budget by creating a plan.
  • Check your Credit Card for overdraft options and fees.
  • Find out what your Bank offers and whether you’re on the best plan
  • Get all outstanding bills PAID! Debt free life is goals.

Ultimately, sorting out your finances takes a little organisation and planning. You’ll be surprised how much you can make your money stretch when staying on top of your budgeting and being money savvy!

Save Money

Tip 2: Cut your Costs

What is the quickest way to save money? Cutting out all of things you really don’t need will give you more to play with when it comes to Summer fun! It’s easy to forget how many things you are actually paying for regularly and being smart about it will allow you to save the mu-lah!

  • Check your Subscriptions – Are you still paying for that trial period?
  • Share your Netflix/Spotify accounts to get a cheaper deal
  • Re use shopping bags, 10p carriers can really add up!
  • Walk where you can, cut our travel costs AND keep fit.
  • Swap takeaways for home cooking and easy recipes.
  • Take packed lunches when on the go.
  • Keep track of your energy usage and monitor it.
  • Split bills with your friends and housemates to share the load!
  • Leave your bank card at home and take out enough cash for your adventures.

Pro Tip: Piggy Banks are a fun, easy way of turning your spare change into a fund for a rainy day or something you’re saving for!

Save money

Tip 3: Plan Ahead

Although flowing with the Summer breeze and being spontaneous is always fun, planning ahead can help when managing your finances. This is also a great way of managing your diary and making sure you don’t miss out or double book! Your social life doesn’t need to compromise when planning your summer of fun, there are so many things you can do which will hardly cost a thing. Get your friends involved and make those uni memories without skipping out the fun stuff…

  • The great outdoors is FREE, use public spaces to save booking fees
  • Picnics are a great way to save money and have the best time with larger groups
  • Think outside the box – trying a new spot or destination will have you feeling like you’ve jetted off!
  • Research free events near you in advance, spaces tend to get filled fast!
  • Booking ahead of time gives you something to look forward to and more time to save!
  • Early release tickets to festivals/gigs are usually cheaper so keep a look out for them.

Pro Tip: Always ask for Student Discount, extra money off is always a major WIN!

Students around Campfire


Grab your camera and jump right in, Summer is all about taking a well earned break from studying, creating stories for the future and prepping for the year ahead. Here’s to making the best memories of Summer 21′!