Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is to define the standard of service and responsibilities of Glide in the management of the Leased Line element of its Services (if any) (the “Leased Line Service”) to the Customer under this Agreement.

Service Level

Glide is committed to providing reliable, high-quality Leased Lines. As part of this commitment Glide undertakes that the Leased Line Service shall be available for at least 99.9% of the time in any calendar month.

Service Level Measurement

Service Level measurement is performed via Glide’s monitoring system managed by Glide. Glide’s monitoring system is configured to monitor the performance and availability of the Leased Line Service on a 24x7x365 real time basis.

A “Reason for Outage Report” including a sequence of events and timings will be issued to the Customer on request within 10 Business Days of such request after any significant incident has been closed.

In the event of the monitoring system not detecting an issue but the Customer experiencing a degraded Leased Line Service (for example, in the event of a problem on the Customer’s equipment or network or a fault within the monitoring system itself), the Customer will be responsible for contacting Glide and for raising an incident. The incident will be handled in the same way and with the same priority as if the incident had been opened internally in response to an alert generated by the monitoring system.

Incidents will be closed once the Leased Line Service has been resumed to its full and proper operation.

In the event of suspension of the Leased Line Service due to a Force Majeure Event, Glide will use reasonable endeavours to resume the Leased Line Service with minimum delay.

Glide may suspend any part of the Leased Line Service from time to time for necessary technical reasons and network upgrades (planned maintenance). Glide shall use reasonable endeavours to time such suspensions between 00.00 hours and 06.00 hours UK time. No incidents will be opened or accepted for the duration of the suspension of the Leased Line Service due to planned maintenance.