*closes laptop and retreats under duvet covers* – Sound familiar? Feeling burnt out when studying can be annoying AF when racing against deadlines at uni. Practicing being more mindful in your approach is proven to lead to success!

Find out how you can make the changes that will save you from the slump…

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1. Body & Brain 🧠

A healthy mind and body is your biggest tool for success in life! We can only function at our best when nourishing them both. It’s easy to slip into a bad cycle when studying, (a messed up sleep schedule and wayyy too much caffeine) but a few easy changes can help you get back on track!

Body Scan

Taking a few mins out before getting stuck into your study sessions can help you to realign and get the most out of them. This body scan exercise is a great way to check in on yourself and release any built up tension and stress.

  1. Find a comfortable spot (somewhere quiet is ideal!)
  2. Lie down or support your body with cushions if sitting
  3. Close your eyes and take in a few deep belly breaths
  4. Bring your attention to the top of your head
  5. Imagine a bright light slowly working its way down your body (like a scanner!)
  6. As the light passes, acknowledge how each part of your body feels
  7. Continue deep breathing throughout
  8. When you’ve completed the scan, you should feel lighter and rebalanced!

2. Plan & Organise 📝

It’s no secret that being organised at University saves so much stress and drama! If you haven’t already created a routine that works for you, then these fundamentals are worth adding to your list;

  • Create a timetable for uni and your personal life too!
  • Plan in time for breaks, walks and me time
  • Practice S E L F C A R E
  • Give yourself at least 1 week buffer ahead of deadlines
  • Use the day! Avoid those late nights where possible

3. Mindful Meditation 💭

Meditating doesn’t mean you need to be sat at the top of a mountain, legs crossed with the sounds of birds singing (although that would be lush!)

Simply channelling into your inner being comes with a whole host of awesome benefits and is super easy to do! Check out these meditation videos that can help you feel zen AF.

4. Affirmations ✔️


That feeling of wanting to give up can creep in when at University. With so much to do and a pressure build up, its SO important to trust and believe in your ability to succeed.

Positive affirmations are an easy way to practice self love, gratitude and boost your self esteem over time. These can be tailored to suit your goals and personal areas of improvement. Reciting affirmations at the start of your day will set the tone for the rest of it, giving you a positive boost and releasing the good stuff – dopamine!

Here are 8 of our faves;

  • I am becoming a better version of myself, one day at a time
  • My mind’s ability to learn and remember is increasing everyday
  • I and gifted, talented and successful
  • Achieving all that I set my mind to comes naturally to me
  • I am always learning from any obstacles and mistakes
  • My self worth is not dependant on my productivity
  • I possess everything I need in order to succeed
  • Everyday is a new chance to start again

5. Screen Time ⌛

That deadly cycle of scrolling endlessly can be hard to stop, trust us, we know!

Limiting your screen time when studying is a no brainer. Cutting out distraction will help you to remain focused, getting the job done and retaining more knowledge.

If you find it hard to avoid procrastinating, lock your phone away during sessions (it actually works!) and allow yourself screen time during breaks. It is actually more enjoyable when you’re not browsing apps mindlessly!

6. Switching Off 📴

Bed is Bae.

Finding a healthy work/life balance is essential to success at uni. Nobody can keep going 24/7 and it eventually leads to burn out, feeling exhausted and not giving your all. Getting enough sleep is super important, whether your all nighter’s are spent in the library or in the club, be sure to catch up on those zzz’s!

Check out how you can do more to skip the insomnia and feel recharged and refreshed.

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And, breathe…

It’s easy to focus on the future in the race to graduating, but enjoying the process is worth it as you’ll get the most out of your time at Uni! Become more mindful and have fun along the way, it will be over before you know it!