Exam season pending…

Although it can feel like you’ve been revising for your exams foreverrrr, as they get closer its important mentally prepare so that you can smash through them with ease! We did a whip around our office asking existing and former students for their best advice, picking the top 7 to share with you – enjoy!

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 😰

B R E A T H E.

As your reading this blog, you’re probably trying to find a miracle solution or quick fix for acing your way through Uni, but the actuality of it is that there are multiple factors! Trusting in your ability to succeed is essential and will carry you through the most difficult situations. Not overthinking is easier said than done but can be a major win, make space in that awesome mind of yours by remaining present and not stressing about the future.

2. Simplify your Studying 🗒️

Cramming = Major fail.

Some lucky humans can blitz through their notebooks minutes before an exam with no prior revision and still smash them, maybe it’s down to DNA or even luck? The logical and proven way of studying effectively is to organise your life and set expectations. If you haven’t got yourself a university timetable/schedule then take this as your sign to create one! Here are some quick wins our Gliders swore by when studying for exams;

  • Revise in short bursts
  • Mix up your revision topics
  • Switch up your study environments
  • USE THE DAY and cut down on all nighters
  • Schedule breaks too!

3. ✨Self Care✨

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race towards your degree and reaching burnout is big yikes! You can only perform at your best when you’re feeling like your best self. Self Care is 🔑

Your physical and mental wellbeing has a direct impact on how well you’ll do when studying. Whenever you feel the scales tipping, pull yourself back into a healthy balance with a few of these tips;

  • Balanced meals are super important, don’t just live on takeaways!
  • Avoid back to back energy drinks
  • Stay hydrated! Water can improve concentration and short term memory
  • Be active, enjoy the outdoors and avoid the slump
  • DON’T WORK FROM YOUR BED – this can blur the lines between work and relaxation
  • Rest and recharge, especially if you’re studying late into the night
  • Communicate your feelings with family and friends
  • Journal to keep a log of your mood and reflect on the day
  • Take time out to relax and unwind to avoid burning out & mental blocks
self care

4. *Press Snooze* 💤

A good night’s sleep hits different, especially when you’ve been knee deep in revision.

Our brains are so much better than smartphones so recharging them is essential. Sleep restores our energy and in turn, improves our brain function, increases focus and attention span. If your all nighter’s are spent studying or in the club, catching up on missed sleep will help you to stay energised and avoid burning out.

Check favourite sleep aids to help you catch those Zzz’s:

  • Camomile Tea
  • Pillow Spray
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • No technology 1 hour before bed
  • No food 3 hours before sleeping
  • Reading/Journaling
  • Mood lighting/candles
  • Binaural Beats

Practicing a healthy routine can help you to get the peaceful rest that you deserve and be energised to get through the day!


5. Buddy Up

A cycle of revising alone can be a drag. Buddying up with your mates is a top method for blasting through notes and testing your knowledge before an exam. Studying together can make learning more efficient and fun, giving you the chance to learn from each other and analyse your strengths.

Lookout for study groups within your own course at University or create your own!

Become the CEO of Studying

Student life is limited and although we can continue learning for the rest of our lives, vibing in the moment and enjoying the process will make it so much easier to deal with. Apply yourself fully to what you intend on achieving and you will smash your goals in no time at all! Good luck with your exams 🤞