Benefits Of Fibre for A Start-up Business



Ever since the creation of the internet, its critical role in a business’s success has grown exponentially to the point where whole industries rely on it, and customers and clients expect it.

Consequently, the need for an ultra-fast, reliable internet connection, no matter where you are based, has been placed at the heart of growing and developing every business. So, how do start-ups achieve this?

Currently, some UK businesses still rely upon the old Openreach telecoms broadband set-up, whether by choice or because of limited fibre optic coverage.  However, in 2025 BT will switch this off entirely due to its inability to keep up with the digital world. That’s why switching your start-up’s connection to business fibre is not only a necessity but an absolute must for any start-up looking to live up to its 2023 goals.

Think business-ready fibre internet that never stops working and never lets you down, with coverage across the whole of the UK. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to learn more about how fibre broadband can benefit your start-up.

How Much Does the Internet Cost For A Small Business?

Basic home-grade broadband can start from as little as £20 a month up to as much as £40, depending on the perks of your chosen package. However, it isn’t designed to keep up with your business and can be notoriously unreliable, leaving you frustrated at the lag, slow speeds and dropped signal.

Hence why, business-grade fibre broadband can make all the difference. Ranging from £40 to £100, it is pricier but still affordable, making it highly cost-effective when you weigh it up against its strength, reliability and speed.

Advantages Of Business Fibre

Business-grade fibre broadband is a step up from your basic home internet package and promises more protection, capabilities and perks for your money. By upgrading, you would be waving goodbye to lagging zoom calls, slow browser speeds, and long upload wait times and saying hello to a fast, strong and reliable internet connection that helps your business thrive.

Reliable Connection and Services

There is nothing worse than when you’re in the middle of an important email, call, or process, and the internet drops, leaving you to restart the router whilst willing the dropped signal to return. An unreliable internet connection can slow your business’s growth by putting-off potential clients and partners, disrupting your workflow and preventing sales, which is the exact opposite of business goals.

That’s why swapping to business-grade fibre internet could be the answer you’re looking for. Fibre internet cables, unlike traditional copper cables, are part of a passive network, meaning they don’t use electrical equipment from point to point. As a result, they are far less likely to fail. They are also protected against signal loss and electromagnetic interference, creating a more reliable connection for you and leading to a reliable service for your customers. Saving yourself from the potential embarrassment and loss of a sale or new client by having broadband that supports multiple processes such as video calls, sales software, and card payments simultaneously creates a service everyone can trust.

Competitive Speeds In Line With Bigger Businesses

One of fibre internet's most significant benefits to your start-up is increased data signal and download speeds, making light work of running processes and software simultaneously across multiple devices even at peak times. Choosing to switch gives you the same competitive edge that benefits big business, levelling the playing field between you and your larger competitors.

So, how does it do this? Think of fibre-optic cables like an empty motorway, where your car (the data signal) can travel at literally the speed of light with no resistance. It achieves this by transmitting digital information from point to point via beams of light that don’t degrade over distances like the electro-signals in copper cable, making it 20 times faster and far more efficient.

A Cost-effective Solution

If you’re wondering if paying the extra pounds for business-grade fibre internet is worth it, we suggest considering the bigger picture. Businesses focus on longevity; short-term goals are part of development plans designed to solve long-term problems. By switching to fibre broadband, you are utilising an upgrade to resolve potential issues in the future.

For example, you’ll save money by requiring fewer system upgrades or additional purchases to boost connectivity whilst simultaneously investing more energy into sales and increasing profits due to your ability to provide reliable service.

 In addition, the fee covers the cost of having access to network provider perks such as cloud-based storage or an in-house tech support team. In essence, when you measure the price against the benefits, business-grade fibre broadband is proven to be a cost-effective solution.

Fast & Secure Cloud Access

Nowadays, many of us store personal and business information on the cloud as a more foolproof way to store information. Cloud storage can’t be damaged, broken or lost, making it more reliable than storing data directly on a device or memory stick. The only downside is that without a stable internet connection, access to the cloud can be almost impossible and leave you unable to retrieve critical information - this can lead to serious issues, particularly with sensitive data.

Upgrading to a fibre network business plan can neutralise this problem, instilling customer trust and guaranteeing that it won’t disrupt your services in the future. Fibre broadband also adds an extra layer of security to your connection and is frequently recommended as an easy, standard security upgrade. This is because a fibre optic cable’s data signal is far more difficult to intercept because of its speed and lack of electrical signals, making it harder for criminals to capture sensitive information and protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Glide's Fibre Solutions For Start-ups and Small Businesses

At Glide, we have made making the decision to switch to award-winning, fibre optic, business broadband simple, with prices starting from only £60 per month. Our packages promise ultra-fast, reliable full, fibre internet and data coverage backed up by our 24/7 in-house customer support team, who are always on hand to help. We take your business personally and will never ask you to settle for less, as we understand how integral and understand how integral broadband is to you, your staff, and your customers.

Over 25 years, we have demonstrated our dedication to unleashing the full power of the fibre network to help your business grow and adapt even in local, hard-to-reach areas. More recently, we won Wi-Fi Now’s, ‘Best Wi-Fi service provider in 2021’ for our high standard of service to our customers. So, for an internet connection you can trust, get digital-ready by contacting our specialist team at Glide Business for more information about how we can help.