The Importance of Strong Connectivity for your Business



In the world of business, connectivity can absolutely make or break you. Ensuring that your systems talk to each other, your staff can communicate with one another, and that you as a business can communicate with your customers is essential.

Staff and customers have expectations as well as a need for security and, whether it’s through your internal business management systems, online sales, or staff management abilities it’s important that you have strong connectivity throughout your business.

Why is Connectivity Important?

Communication is central to the running of any business. Gone are the days of putting your telephone number in the Yellow Pages, paper filing systems, or leaving notes in in-trays.

The business world now relies on connectivity – websites, messaging, remote working, databases, big data, and automated systems to run smoothly and efficiently.

There are a number of reasons why connectivity is vital to the success of a business. Some of these include:

  • The efficient management of staff – whether you have staff working remotely or just want to communicate with your team, ensuring that you have good connectivity is key. You will also need to have good connectivity to manage workflow and other processes, make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, as well a collaborative working.
  • Website – pretty much every business needs to have a website in order to look authentic. It is usually the first contact that you will have with a customer, acting as a shop window, customer services department, sales assistant, and brand ambassador at the very least. It’s essential that your website is good and, importantly, loads quickly, securely, and reliably.
  • Cloud – more and more businesses are now using cloud technology for their data. This enables the use of scaling and big data, as well as facilitating collaboration and remote working. Cloud technology, however, relies on high-speed, reliable internet connections – such as those provided by Wi-Fi internet connections.
  • Machine-to-machine connectivity – involves the use of the Internet of Things, AI, and automation, to communicate between two machines. This can help you to save time, money, and reduce human error, but does require a fast and strong internet connection that will not go down.

Benefits of Wireless Technology in Business

Wireless technology is the way forward for businesses. It can help to improve your connectivity, enabling you to run the technology that is required in business, as well as push you ahead of rivals thanks to the knowledge and understanding that can be gained through data analysis that can be carried out.

Some of the benefits of wireless technology in business include:

Speed - Staying Ahead of the Competition

The kind of technology that is required for the efficient running of a business in the world today requires super-fast internet connections. The traditional copper wire internet connections are not enough for this technology to work efficiently, and, therefore, a faster Wi-Fi connection is much more effective.

In a business environment, when there are normally several devices being used at the same time, wireless internet connections are the ideal solution to ensure that the technology is not impacted.

Flexibility for your Business

The installation of wireless internet connections can give your business a great degree of flexibility. It means that staff can connect instantly to your network without the need for a cable to plug into, whether they’re based at their desk or in a meeting room, and in the numbers that are necessary. In addition to this, network service providers can be switched easily without the need to lay new cables.

Optimal Security

Access to your wireless network can be protected by passwords to ensure that your data is secure. It also gives you the option of creating guest accounts for visitors or customers, meaning that they are not using the same internet connection as your business.

Cost Savings

When a wire internet connection is made, it can be costly in terms of buying the cables, as well as installing them. A Wi-Fi connection, on the other hand, does not require any of this. It also does not require any drilling or holes in the structure of the property – unlike a wire network.

Business Fibre Solutions with Glide

Here at Glide, our business Wi-Fi wireless technology provides you with super-fast, resilient internet for your business, enabling you to take advantage of all the benefits that come with it. The secure technology ensures that your staff and customers can carry out their processes efficiently and without issue, whenever they need to, thus promoting the success of your business.