Latency vs Bandwidth



What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be sent via a connection over a fixed period. In the context of the internet, it refers to the data transfer capacity of a network in bits per second. A higher bandwidth allows you to transfer more data faster whilst supporting additional devices across the same network. A home or business with a large number of computers, laptops and smart devices will require more bandwidth. In simple terms, more is better.

What is Latency?

Latency (sometimes known as Ping) refers to the amount of time it can take to send a signal from one point to another. Latency is inevitable, but low latency is essential in the tech-focused world we live in.

How Bandwidth and Latency Impact User Experience


Online streaming requires both high bandwidth and low latency to make the best possible experience for both streamer and viewer. A high bandwidth means you’re able to receive and send higher quality video and audio, low latency means your audience is receiving your stream in as close to real time as possible, meaning you can interact without unnecessary delays.

Online Gaming

Online gaming requires incredibly low latency consistently for the best user experience. A high ping rate can cause players to freeze or lag behind their teammates. Because all of the players are sharing the same virtual space, a high ping rate means players could end up out of sync with the world and players around them, resulting in a negative experience. Game developers generally put players into similar geographical server groups to reduce potential delays, for instance North America, Europe, Asia etc.

Internet Browsing

Slow loading pages, buffering videos and apps crashing can all make for a terrible user experience. Having a high-quality connection allows for quick, snappy website responses, high resolution video playback and a much smoother overall experience.

Video Calling/Conferencing

Much like a phone call, a poor signal on a video call can make it a nightmare for clear communication. Having people in a variety of different locations on a conference call can make it even more difficult to have a consistent quality across all users. Having high quality bandwidth with low latency means audio is being both sent and received in real time with as much quality as possible.

Enhancing Bandwidth and Latency for Better Performance

Network Restarting

A recurring and rather cliched joke in the world of IT, but” turning it on and off again” actually has its positives. Restarting your network can fix a variety of issues from clearing the cache to repairing unexpected software issues. This can often fix things like poor connection or constant disconnections without additional hassle.

Check Router Settings

Sometimes internet issues can be as simple as a firmware update or a few clicks in the settings. Ensure your router settings are up to date regularly to make sure you’re receiving the best connection possible.

Upgrading Your Router

Technology moves fast, and what once was high-end can quickly end up not quite cutting it when it comes to speed. Upgrading your router means you’re ensuring your tech is as up to date as possible, you’re able to receive faster wi-fi speeds, your range is inevitably improved and also that your security is up to date, allowing you to stay safe from threats of all types.

Devices Reset

Sometimes certain devices can have a poor connection whilst others on the same network are absolutely fine. Try resetting your individual devices (e.g phone, laptop, console etc.) to see if the problem lies within the device itself rather than your connection.

Upgrade Internet Plan or Change Internet Provider

Is it time to change your service? Perhaps your current provider isn’t offering you what you need, or maybe you just need to upgrade your plan. Take a look around and find out how to get the most for your money.

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