IoT: People Counting & Analytics



What Is People Counting Analytics?

Have you ever wondered how businesses keep track of the number of people coming in and out of a building or a specific area? Well, that's where people counting analytics come in. People counting analytics are high-tech systems that utilise sensors and software to monitor the number of individuals who enter and exit a particular location. Not only can the systems detect the number of people and their movements, but they can also measure the duration of their stay.

People Counting Analytic technology provides invaluable insights that businesses can use to optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and enhance security. Thanks to modern approaches like video cameras, thermal sensors, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth beacon sensors, counting people is now easier and more accurate than ever before, giving businesses the ability to make data-driven decisions, use spaces more efficiently and ensure safety.

Why Is People Counting Useful?

So, we have the technology to help us to count people - but why would we want to? In fact, people counting has a whole range of useful applications for businesses. These include:

Occupancy management: People counting analytics can help building managers optimise the use of space, adjust temperature and lighting, and reduce energy costs. By monitoring the number of people in a particular area, resources can be allocated efficiently, creating a better working environment for employees, customers or residents. It might be that during busy periods, the heating is automatically turned on - for example, when the building is empty, the heating remains off.

Retail analytics: In terms of the retail sector in particular, people counting can be used to track customer behaviour, providing valuable insights such as how long they stay in the store and which products they look at. Retailers can then use this information to optimise store layout, improve product placement, and increase sales. And, it could be used to identify the busiest periods - this means that more staff could be in store, therefore reducing queuing times and improving the customer experience.

Security: People counting analytics can also be used to detect and prevent security breaches. Suspicious behaviour, such as loitering or tailgating, can be identified and your system will automatically alert your security personnel in real-time.

Health and safety: Restrictions in terms of how many people should be in a particular space have been even more stringent since COVID. People counting analytics can help organizations to comply with these regulations by ensuring that the number of people in a particular area does not exceed safe limits.

Who Can Benefit From People Counting?

From retailers to event planners, healthcare settings and education institutions - any organization that deals with high traffic volumes can benefit from people-counting analytics.

Types Of People Counter Sensors

People counting sensors come in various types, each with unique strengths and applications.

Thermal sensors are perfect for outdoor locations as they use heat signatures to count people. Their ability to work effectively even in low-light conditions makes them a reliable choice for tracking the movement of people in dark environments.

Infrared sensors on the other hand use infrared beams and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, making them a versatile option for different environments. Their ease of installation and use makes them a popular choice for businesses that need an adaptable people counting solution.

Video sensors are a popular choice for retail environments because of their ability to provide additional data such as customer demographics. Using cameras to detect people, these sensors can offer valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. By understanding customer behavior, retailers can make better decisions when it comes to product placement and store layout.

Bluetooth beacons are perfect for indoor settings where precise location data is important. They use Bluetooth signals to detect people and provide real-time data on their movements. This information can be used to optimize store layout or improve safety by identifying areas with high traffic. Bluetooth beacons can also be used to send targeted notifications to customers or employees based on their location within a store or building.

People Counting Analytics & Solutions With Glide

Glide offers a range of innovative people counting analytics solutions that make use of IoT sensors to track and analyze people's movements. Glide provides accurate and real-time data that can be used to optimize operations, improve customer experience, and enhance security.

Glide's facial recognition technology can also detect certain individuals, such as employees or VIPs, and provide customized alerts. This can be particularly useful in security-sensitive environments or when managing large events.

Glide's technology provides valuable insights into the interaction of a building or a particular area. From workspaces to residential environments, our solutions allow and facilitate improvements to security, health and safety and productivity.