Why Connection Is Essential for Build to Rent



Build to Rent properties are increasingly popular in today’s competitive housing market, with over £5 billion invested in UK Build to rent during the 12 months to Q3 2022. Whilst a recent period of economic uncertainty has brought into question investment strategies across all real estate sectors, transactions in Build to Rent continue to progress and connection plays a huge part in the success or failure of a development.

By offering users of Build to Rent homes the best possible connection options, developers enable residents to:

  • Access optimum communication paths
  • Increase a sense of community
  • Avoid loneliness and feelings of isolation
  • Provide a secure setting for working from home
  • Gain maximum satisfaction while residing in their Build to Rent property

What Is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent is a relatively new concept that is sometimes referred to as BTR or B2R. It relates to a property development that is created specifically to appeal to those looking for a rental property. Build-to-rent is fast becoming an established sector in the UK housing market to meet demand for high-quality, well-managed rental housing.

The largest single site of Build to Rent in the UK, is Wembley park,  an announcement in 2004 set to invest around £500 million, transforming Wembley Park into a place people want to work, visit and live around the National Stadium. This exciting new urban regeneration plan became the heart of Brent, and North West London has been one of the most extensive build-to-rent development sites in the UK, offering 5,000 PRS homes with a rich history in the industry.

The Importance of Reliable Wi-Fi in a Rental Property

The importance of building a sense of community within build to rent developments for human health and well-being cannot be exaggerated enough. It enhances individual confidence, safety and creates a healthy sense of unity and connection with other residents within the property.

Communication, enabled by intelligent infrastructure and connectivity, is a key part of building up a supportive and satisfied community for better resident experience.

In today’s world, reliable Wi-Fi is essential to enable those living in Build to Rent properties to:

  • Use digital management systems to book shared spaces, log issues or request cleaning
  • Communicate with other residents
  • To work from home even when required to use Video Calls and Cloud Based Apps
  • Achieve a sense of belonging and engage with the community to avoid loneliness

Benefits of Using Fibre Infrastructure in Build to Rent

With the demographic of those moving into Build to Rent properties increasingly leaning towards younger, more tech savvy residents, the need for fibre infrastructure has never been greater.

The tech native generation have expectations for multiple connected devices in one location as well as seamless Wi-Fi speeds and easy connections to it. This demand aligns with the need for constant, reliable, and fast connection to friends, family and work colleagues as a high priority for most residents of Build to Rent properties.

Higher Speeds When Working from Home

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more people than ever before are working from home. Whether users of Build to Rent properties are working five days a week from the property or on a hybrid working schedule, the chances are that they’ll want the option to be able to do so efficiently at all times of the day.

Due to the use of technology in both their working and social life, the expectation of Build to Rent users are high when it comes to the connection speeds they require. Whether it’s hopping on a Zoom call collaborating creatively with colleagues online with shared screens, higher speeds will be a high priority.

Keeping Up with Higher Bandwidth Demands

There are over 200,000 Build to Rent properties currently in the UK and the numbers are increasing. Developments are growing which leads to an ever-increasing demand on the infrastructure provided.

Build to Rent properties have the potential to house hundreds of residents – all of whom may be connecting at any one time. To enable these connections over multiple devices, there must be the infrastructure in place to deal with growing bandwidth demands.

By using fibre infrastructures unlimited potential, developers can provide residents with the best level of connection, and if the demand increases, fibers near limitless capacity can be simply upgraded to fit the client needs leading directly to increased resident satisfaction.

Unmatched Reliability

Whether residents are working from home, speaking to friends and family on video calls, or simply ordering their lunch, they will want a quick connection that they can always rely on.

With almost 80% of people citing this as the most important aspect of any connection they use, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of being able to provide unmatched reliability twenty-four hours a day.

Low Latency Issues

As discussed, Build to Rent residents are likely to be within the demographic that lives and works online.

Whether they’re demanding the most realistic experience whilst online gaming or needing access to rapidly changing financial data whilst working from home, low latency will appeal to Build to Rent residents in their daily lives.

By processing an exceptionally high volume of data messages with the minimal delay, low latency provides users with a better connection experience and high levels of satisfaction.

Build To Rent Wi-Fi Solutions with Glide 

Build to Rent developers want happy residents who feel satisfied with both their homes and the community around them. Offering the best possible level of connection to every resident is achievable and investing in making it happen can really pay off. The intelligent infrastructure enabled by Glide can play a pivotal role in providing an unrivalled Build to Rent Resident Experience.