Why Build to Rent Operators Should Consider Managed Wi-Fi Services



In the world that we live in today, it is a reasonable expectation that there will be a decent internet connection available for businesses or homes. For build to rent operators, ensuring that you have a good internet connection for both residents and visitors is essential.

Having a Wi-Fi connection for a build to rent property (as opposed to a connection via wire) enables users to log into the Wi-Fi system from wherever they may be in the premises, free from cables, and on multiple devices, and for build to rent operators, there are two different options that you can choose from when it comes to the supply of Wi-Fi services – managed and unmanaged Wi-Fi.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi network that is managed by an outsourced company. They are responsible for everything that is involved in the provision, setting up, installation, and maintenance of internet access for users. Users are able to connect to the internet through a wireless connection and the responsibility for the whole service is that of Wi-Fi management.

Managed Wi-Fi vs Unmanaged

There are significant differences between managed and unmanaged internet when it comes to Wi-Fi systems within the area of build to rent. Unmanaged Wi-Fi is the kind of Wi-Fi that you are likely to have in your home. It usually involves having one access point that is plugged into a telephone line, allowing for devices to tap into the Wi-Fi connection that is transmitted. In a bigger space – home or office, for example, more than one router might be needed, but they will almost certainly not ‘speak’ to each other. Networks are set up and managed by you.

In a managed system, multiple access points can be spread out around the property, moving your internet connection simultaneously between each one, without interrupting the connection. This means that every device will connect to the point that has the best signal, regardless of where you are within the building. In a managed system, the Wi-Fi networks are set up, managed, and maintained by an outsourced ‘manager’.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

When it comes to choosing between managed and unmanaged Wi-Fi, it is important to consider all of the benefits to you and the other users. Some of the benefits of using managed Wi-Fi include:


It can be argued that having a managed Wi-Fi system can be much more reliable than an unmanaged system for two reasons. The first is the fact that your internet connection with managed Wi-Fi is as strong as possible wherever you might be in the building. This means that there is less of a chance that the connection will go down – or be weak.

The other is that the maintenance and repairs are carried out remotely by a team of experienced engineers. This means that any issues get fixed quickly and easily by the management company instead of your own internal IT team – or you, yourself!

Cost Effective

It might look like, at the offset, unmanaged Wi-Fi is cheaper than managed Wi-Fi. However, this is not necessarily the case. If you have an unmanaged Wi-Fi system, you will need to pay for people with IT knowledge and equipment to set up and manage your network as well as fix any issues that you have, themselves. It is likely, therefore, that it will be cheaper, in the long run, to opt for a managed Wi-Fi system.

Optimal Network Performance

One of the main benefits of a managed Wi-Fi service is that it ensures that all devices are connected to the access point with the strongest signal at all times, even as it moves around the building. Compared to unmanaged services where you need to connect to each access point separately, this ensures a continuous seamless connection throughout.


Managed Wi-Fi connections also provide users with a greater degree of scalability compared to unmanaged Wi-Fi services. New access points can simply be added to the network as, when, and where it is needed, enabling you to scale up as necessary. The newest technology that is available enables multiple devices to be connected to access points, making scalability even more effective.


Security should always be a major consideration in any decisions regarding internet connections. Opting for managed Wi-Fi is often the more secure of the two, as it is handled by professionals with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that the connection is as secure as possible – unlike leaving it up to you or your IT team.

Glide’s Build to Rent Internet Solutions

Here at Glide, we can provide managed Wi-Fi solutions for your build to rent housing project or workspace. It enables you to enjoy a cost-effective, high security, scalable, optimal network performance, and reliable connection for you and all of your users.